New Tango Shad colours

THE incredibly popular and successful Zerek Tango Shad has had five new colours added to its 50mm floating range. The five colours are all UV active – some with a lot of UV and others with smaller UV highlights. Each colour has been chosen for its effectiveness in different water colours and thorough testing has ensured these colours are fish producers.

The five colours are:

  • A (Albino) – A primarily white lure with UV-coloured pink and green dots.
  • G (So Much) – A black lure with UV pink tiger stripes and head.
  • HD (Horn Dog) – A bright UV pink lure with UV green and white dots.
  • MD (Moon Dog) – A black lure with UV pink and green dots.
  • SCD (Scum Dog) – A UV green lure with UV pink and black dots.

The new colours are available now and they are already producing fish such as flathead, bream, estuary perch, trout and redfin. For more information, visit wilson

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