possessing too many mackerel
Photo: Fisheries Queensland

Mackay fisher fined $4000 for possessing too many mackerel

Photo: Fisheries Queensland

A MACKAY recreational fisher was fined $4000 for possessing 15 excess spanish mackerel and $1500 for obstructing a Fisheries officer, with the fish being forfeited to the State.

On August 1, 2017 QBFP officers conducted a patrol at the Mackay Marina where they inspected a recreational fishing vessel with three people on board. The vessel’s owner was deemed to be in possession of 18 spanish mackerel, 15 above the regulated possession limit as a recreational fisher, and was consequently charged with the two offences.

The possession limit for spanish mackerel is three. There were a total of 24 spanish mackerel detected on board the vessel by the QBFP officers. The defendant was found to be in a total possession of 18 spanish mackerel, 15 over his possession limit. The two other passengers on board the vessel were found to be in possession of their entitled bag limit. No charges were laid against the two passengers for various reasons.


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    I wonder if there were 24 fish or 24 fillets – and deemed to be 24 fish??

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