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Australian bass is back after annual closed season

RECREATIONAL fishers will be hitting the water this weekend as the annual closed season for Australian bass comes to an end.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol Technical Support Officer David Kahler said Australian bass had been off-limits in Queensland tidal waters from 1 June to 31 August 2018 to protect the species during its breeding cycle.
“Fishers can return to their favourite tidal fishing spot to catch Australian bass from this Saturday, 1 September,” Mr Kahler said. “It’s important to remember that size and possession limits apply. The minimum size for Australian bass is 30 centimetres and the possession limit is two per person at any one time.”
Mr Kahler said the annual closed season is vital to protect this migratory fish species during a vulnerable time when they head downstream to spawn in brackish waters each year. “The closed season for Australian bass is an important measure to allow stocks to replenish and ensure there are sustainable fisheries for current and future generations of Queensland anglers to enjoy,” he said.
For more information about Australian bass or other closed seasons that apply to fishing in Queensland, visit

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