fish inc lures winglet

Fish Inc. Winglet

THE Winglet is the ‘little bullet’, with the weight for long casts and a small profile to match the hatch.

It has been designed following the popularity of Fish Inc. Lures’ Wing sinking stickbait, with a smaller profile made possible via the solid zinc body that also provides the weight for casting. At 87mm long, it is a bite size baitfish snack for everything from tailor and salmon to mackerel and tuna.

Its weight of 42g allows long casts for shore-based anglers or when chasing finicky feeders such as tuna. The weight and profile of the Winglet add to its versatility for jigging as well as casting, with the glow colours already gaining popularity within the micro jigging fraternity.

Whether used for high-speed spinning, casting and retrieving with a sweeping or twitching retrieve or jigged deep, the Winglet will appeal to a wide range of species with its realistic baitfish profile and quality finishes.
Fitted with genuine Owner hooks, the Fish Inc. Lures Winglet is ready to go straight out of the packet.

Available in six colours with a SRP of $16.95.

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