atomic semi-hardz vib

Atomic Semi-Hardz Vib

THE popular Atomic Semi-Hardz Vib is back, bigger and better.

Featuring the same attention to detail and innovation in design and action as the Semi-Hardz range that preceded it, the 75mm and 110mm models answer the calls from anglers chasing a large lure to catch bigger fish. From bottom bashing down deep to casting long and far for pelagic species and even trolling out wide and in close for fast-moving target species, these lures will grab the attention of anglers and fish alike.

Soft and subtle in feel, yet powerful and robust in action, every offshore and estuary angler will need a Semi-Hardz in their tackle box.

Available in a range of eye-catching colours with weights of 25g (75mm) and 57g (110mm).

Visit or for more info.

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