rec fishers furious understanding recreational fishing

Recreational fishers furious at Queensland government

FOLLOWING a state-wide telephone conference last week, a network of concerned recreational fishing activists issued the following statement:

The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy reforms Queensland Labor PROMISED us to improve our fish stocks appear to have been canned!

Reforms that would have seen fish stock level ultimately raised to those already existing in the Net Free Zones were supposed to be rolled out by last Christmas. Fishers are still waiting – and furious!

Recreational fishers up and down the State are infuriated that further restrictions have been put on THEIR fishing activities and catch, while promised catch caps and reforms on commercial fisheries have STALLED and been seemingly shelved indefinitely. Exactly the same scenario happened back in 2012!

We demand the Government delivers on their promise of fisheries reforms and regulatory amendments required to implement the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy and lock in and announce the date when this happen, well prior to the State election later this year.

These reforms must go through in their entirety, so future fish stocks can be assured and certainty provided to all sectors. These reforms aren’t ground-breaking, they are just lifting fisheries management in Queensland to the standards already in place in other States and in Commonwealth fisheries.

We ask ALL concerned fishers to support these concerns by contacting the Minister for Fisheries Mark Furner or their local member.        rec fishers furious

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