Black hog down – hunting wild pigs

HAVING grown up on a farm, I am acutely aware of how time poor (and cash poor) our families are who earn their living on the land. Various feral animals have a significant impact upon the annual earnings of our inland primary producers through direct predation on stock, consumption of crops and competition for grazing (and water). This is why …

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Hunting rabbits in Australia

hunting rabbits australia

It isn’t only rural and remote areas that have become infested with feral rabbits. I’ve seen them in the suburbs of Ipswich, Esk, Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton and Toowoomba (where they often go unnoticed because people just assume they are hares). Biological controls have been used nationwide and have proven very effective in significantly reducing the population. As impressive as the …

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Five pins make a strike

This is where I can start to explain the feature of the Trophy Ridge React sight called Smart Pin Technology. When I first heard of this feature I admit I was wary and sceptical of its capabilities. All the archer has to do is manually sight the first pin at 20 yards and lock it in. Then as you sight …

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Wilson Soft Shell Jacket

WITH winter in full swing, Wilson has released its Soft Shell Jacket. This full-length, Australian-sized jacket is made from specific materials designed to stop the wind from breaking through the outer layer and getting into your under layers of clothing and cooling you down. The jacket is also water resistant and fitted out with waterproof zippers to provide a degree …

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Bowhunting Hare in the Mary Valley

Used in conjunction with a glow peep it allows the hunter to sight prey and release an arrow accurately towards the target in darkness. The more practice, the better the overall results. I’d like to add that this particular sight has the added feature of calculating your pins for distance accuracy. It can be as simple as manually adjusting your …

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New Range of Ironman 4×4 LED Driving Lights

INTRODUCING the new range of Ironman 4×4 LED driving lights, consisting of the 7” Blast Spot, 7” Blast Combo, 7” Comet and 9”Comet. Providing a variety of lighting options for all your needs, these new spotlights provide excellent illumination and are incredibly durable to ensure they are ready to tackle everything the Outback can throw at them. Using the latest …

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How to Whistle for Foxes

Practise your whistling technique in areas with plenty of foxes because obviously more opportunities means a faster learning curve. Certain times of year will yield better results than others. Springtime is when mature foxes hunt to feed pups, meaning they look for every morsel they can find. Here in southern Queensland, when those pups are out on their own in …

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Hunting Chicks are Hot

crawl over the dirt to get closer because I guessed 30m was my maximum distance for a decent kill shot. As I raised my head I saw movement and suddenly realised there were three goats. I couldn’t get any closer and decided to slowly stand up while the goats were looking away. An arrow was already ‘loaded’ in my bow and the only …

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Evakool’s World-First Portable Fridge with Built-In Drawer

Multi-voltage operation of DC 12V and 24V as well as AC 240V enables you to take the fridge anywhere and its silent, reliable and efficient operation with battery cut-out protection won’t have you losing sleep. The Evakool Drawer Fridge has a temperature range of 10C to -15C and comes with a two-year nationwide warranty. For more information, visit

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Compact SR Xtreme Compound Bow Review

In the field By pure chance, I had a road trip into the bush planned before I first saw the SR Xtreme bow. Naturally I took it along for an ideal opportunity to test it in real hunting situations. It wasn’t until reaching the Mallee Country of the Victorian-South Australian border region that the first opportunity for a hunt came along. After …

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