Wellington Point Marine

More snapper in the bay!

Snapper on the chew in the bay. Finally, we are seeing more size to the snapper in the bay! Over the past few weeks we have had many reports of plagues of small squire been caught  throughout the bay. But after last weeks rain and a cold front hitting the bay, we are finally getting some decent sized fish out …

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BASS Electric round three at Maroon Dam

bass electric fishing maroon dam

The past weekend saw round 3 of the Casino Outdoors and Disposal BASS Electric Series round three held at Maroon Dam. Dale from Wellington Point Marine attended the BASS Electric event and writes. It was an early start to the morning getting up at 2am to travel to the dam. Arriving at 4am and getting the gear and boat ready …

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Tough bite on Gold Coast for Hobie round 7

hobie round 7 kayak series

The Hobie round 7 kayak series was held over the weekend on the Gold coast. We had over 80 entrants at this round, making it very busy on the waterways. Day 1 consisted of over half the field moving up from Southport (launch point) to the Nerang river. Fishing the canals was difficult for most as with so many kayaks …

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Yak Hunters is a kayak family

yak hunters

Over the past few years we have seen many Facebook groups pop up as a social meeting point for fisherman. However, one has stood out over most, Yak Hunters Australia. They have been up and running since 2015 and seen growth that most people wouldn’t believe It all started in NSW with 4 mates and a passion for kayak fishing …

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Fishing for garfish around Moreton Bay

garfish moreton bay

The humble garfish has forever been a great target species from beginner to advanced anglers. The use for this fish is endless – from bait to a great table fish. Fishing for garfish can’t be easier. Go down to your local jetty, marina or foreshore and find the fish using either berley pellets or bread. Simple small pieces will attract …

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Anglers from all over Australia compete

bream anglers scibs

Not a lot of people know about the fishing competition that is held within the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. This sees anglers from all over Australia compete over two days fishing for the humble bream. Paul Burt handles the weigh-in procedure and adds a touch of class to the competition. Over the two days anglers can chase bream on …

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Benefits to fishing from a kayak

benefits of kayaking

As a devoted kayak fisherman, I see the benefits to fishing from these craft often. Whether it be a paddle yak or pedal they both hold the advantage of fishing shallow and stealthy. Choosing your kayak can be a daunting decision as there are so many on the market and all of them have their own features and advantages. The …

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Winter bream on the bite around Brisbane

winter bream brisbane

Coming into the colder months we will see a great increase in captures of winter bream. Most fish at this time are in for breeding and usually hungry! A lot of fisherman think that fishing deep water is the best way to catch these fish. Most fish travel around looking for good areas to hang around to find a mate …

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Squid bonanza around Moreton Bay

The squid bonanza is here and the action is thick and fast. Many land-based anglers love chasing the beloved squid along rock walls, foreshores and islands. Moreton Bay provides many options when it comes to areas to catch these tasty cephalopods. Jigs: most jigs will work however there are better performers then others, Yamashita jigs seem to be the most …

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Easy targets on offer around Wellington Point area

Land based: fishing off the banks or jetties is slowly getting better. With bream and snapper in pre-spawn they will be hungry! Best thing to do during pre-spawn times is to fish natural. Use baits that the fish are feeding on at the time. Light to no weight has shown the best results locally. Fish the structures whether they be …

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