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Rain Flushes Crabs and Prawns into Tin Can Bay

Between wind and rain over the past few weeks there has been very little activity to report.  Upside is Saturday is looking to be a cracker with light winds forecast along with  the chance of a few showers. This is looking like the best window of opportunity we have had for a few weeks to get out and wet a …

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Mangrove Jack and Cod Around Tin Can Bay

The past week has only see a few brief windows of opportunity to hit the water with strong wind for most of the week with only the last few days providing some clear skies with little wind.  The forecast for this weekend isn’t looking much better as we will be feeling the effects of TC Winton as the coast cops …

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Reprieve From Wind at Tin Can Bay

This reprieve from the wind doesn’t look like it will last too long with it set to pick up again From Sunday to around 20knots from the south east.  For those wanting to get out, Saturday morning will be glamorous, with light winds from ESE between 5-10knots.  Hot humid conditions will also make for an ideal time to get out …

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Hit the Water on Saturday

After another week of unstable weather with wind and rain putting a dampener on most people’s fishing efforts it finally looks like there is an end in sight with the wind set to start dropping away on Sunday before a glamour start to next week. The drop in the wind will coincide with smaller tides and will make for a …

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Tin Can Bay Creeks Flushed Out

The past week has seen some pretty hot and humid conditions for South east Queensland along with some much needed rain that has given the creeks a good flush out and should see the crabbing pick up with the lower reaches of the creeks being a prime spot to target mud crabs as they move down towards the mouth of …

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Offshore Scene Firing at Tin Can Bay

Neap tides early next week will be the ideal time to fish areas such as Teebar ledge, Bluff reef and the channel between Inskip & Fraser Island.  For best results get out early and fish the change of light for species such as snapper, sweetlip and cod. Until next week stay safe on the water. Regards, Jim Cole Tin Can …

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Close Reefs Fishing Well off Tin Can Bay

We have had some pretty awesome conditions over the past week with warm sunny days with only light winds.  With schools of spotty and Spanish mackerel working just beyond the bar there has been plenty of boaties taking advantage of the great conditions to get amongst them. Even the close in reefs in front of Rainbow have been fishing well for …

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Tin Can Bay Buzzing with Fish and Crabs

School holidays are now in full swing and there is less than a week until Christmas the area is buzzing with plenty of visitors to the Cooloola region and numbers will only increase as the week goes on. With Mudlo rocks being covered in sand beach conditions are pretty good at the moment however you should always check first as …

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Crabs, Flathead and Mangrove Jack Around Tin Can Bay and Great Sandy Straits

The countdown is on with only two weeks left until Christmas and three weeks until 2016.   The past week has seen catches of bream, whiting and flathead throughout Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Straits with the sand flats around Poona and Tinnanbar providing a great option for land based anglers.   Mangrove Jack, grunter, bream and cod …

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