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Get out on the water this Australia Day weekend

australia day weekend fishing bundaberg

With the forecast for the Bundaberg area looking good for the Australia Day weekend, it’s time to get out and do what most Australians love to do – be on the water boating and fishing. BUNDABERG OFFSHORE For the guys hoping to get offshore for the weekend, the weather is looking fantastic.  Reports from previous weeks have been great with …

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Great chance to go fishing around Bundaberg

great chance fishing bundaberg

How good is it to receive at least a bit of rain around the Bundaberg area over the past week?  Let’s hope this continues into the rest of 2020.  With only one week left of the school holidays, next week is looking like a great chance to get out and wet a line. BUNDABERG OFFSHORE Apart from a few showers, …

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Big muddies worth a look around Bundaberg

big muddies bundaberg

BUNDABERG INSHORE The grey and school mackerel are in good numbers on all the inshore reefs off Bundaberg at the moment.  Fast-retrieving 50g Flasha spoons and Halco Twistys vertically off the bottom has been getting most of the bites.  If there’s a bit of run in the tide, setting pilchards out in the mid-water column will get you into some …

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Last chance to catch seafood for Christmas lunch!

last chance fishing bundaberg

With Christmas Day next week, this weekend will be the last chance to catch yourself some delicious seafood for Christmas lunch.  At this stage the weather is shaping up well with light winds forecast for the Bundaberg area, but as always, check the local up-to-date forecast prior to heading out. THE BURNETT RIVER Even though it’s been one of the …

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Good chance to catch quality around Bundaberg this weekend

good chance fishing bundaberg

BUNDABERG OFFSHORE It looks like we just might be in with a good chance to get offshore from Bundaberg this weekend!  With the big tides, the trout and red throat emperor should be super active. I reckon if you’re in the shallows early either Saturday or Sunday morning you’ll be in for some fun action.  If you want to chase …

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Nice red emperor possible off Bundaberg

nice red emperor bundaberg

Once again, it’s only a couple of weeks until Christmas.  Hopefully everyone can get a bit of time off work and enjoy what the Bundaberg region has to offer at this time of the year. BUNDABERG OFFSHORE Luckily enough, the forecast came good last Saturday.  The boats that ventured out that bit wider all reported landing plenty of quality reef …

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Awesome numbers of fish and crabs getting around Bundaberg

awesome numbers fish bundaberg

BUNDABERG OFFSHORE FINALLY the Bundaberg area might be in for a run of good weather this weekend!  With the reef closure finishing on Friday the 29th of November, this weekend will be ON.  We are on the right side of the moon now, so the red emperor and coral trout should be chewing in numbers. Remember to use big flesh …

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Lenthalls Dam a great Bundaberg option when wind blows

lenthalls dam barra

With the northerly winds blowing and not looking to change any time soon, offshore fishing around the Bundaberg area will be a bit lumpy out wide.  It’s time to do maintenance on the boat and trailer before the weather comes good and it’s Christmas time. BUNDABERG INSHORE For those anglers who are mad keen and want to poke their noses …

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Take advantage of small window this weekend at Bundy

small window fishing bundy

Firstly, how good is it to be living in this part of the world?  We have so many options at our doorstep which all are fishing well.  At this stage, it’s looking like the northerly wind which is predicted will make things a little lumpy out wide. BUNDABERG INSHORE With a bit of luck there may be a small window …

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Lake Monduran Golden Barra still up for grabs – $150K prize on offer

lake monduran golden barra 2019

BUNDABERG INSHORE With the weather around the Bundaberg area not looking too good for the offshore reefs this weekend, there are some options for those who want to poke their nose out the front to the inshore reefs.  We have heard reports of schoolie mackerel being caught close in from the mouth of the Burnett River down to the Elliott …

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