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South-easterlies looking to lighten up near Bundaberg


BUNDABERG OFFSHORE With the forecast for the Bundaberg area looking forward into the weekend, it seems like those stronger south-easters are going to lighten up and swing around to the north for those guys looking to get out and fish the offshore reefs.  If you stocked up at last weekend’s Garage Sale, now is the time to put it to …

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Strong winds can make for difficult fishing


Hi Everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week, hiding out of the strong winds has been difficult making fishing pretty hard going on the Gold and Tweed Coasts lately.  Good news as we head into the weekend with some great weather conditions on the way. Let’s see what’s been happening this week. Tailor have been dominating the catches around …

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Springtime flathead


WELL the time of year is here yet again where the big female flathead come into very shallow water to feed on big bait! A lot of anglers have taken to this style of fishing in the last two, three years. With big swimbaits suck as the Westin hypo-tease and the Zerek affinity. These swim baits range from 178mm to …

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Lots of snapper along Noosa coast


It certainly looks like we are seeing another wave of bigger snapper right now along the coast. With fish ranging in size from 4-7 KG these older fish are hitting everything from lures to lives and everything else in between. For the soft plastic anglers anything with some movement appears to be getting crunched with the new Powerbait nemesis certainly …

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Fun fishing around Bundaberg


BUNDABERG INSHORE If the weather plays the game this weekend the inshore fishing around the Bundaberg area should be super fun!  With the water temperature starting to warm up, the school mackerel should start turning up in good numbers.  Fast retrieving Flasha spoons vertically off the bottom is a deadly technique.  Floating pilchards and gar out the back of your …

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Goodbye to winter and hello to springtime


HI Everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week, as we say goodbye to winter and hello to springtime, the weather has certainly heated up on the Gold and Tweed Coasts.  Fisheries Queensland has made some major changes to the rules as of September 1, 2019. Please see the link in the report to make sure you’re up to date …

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Bundy fishing best in rivers and impoundments


After fantastic weather around the Bundaberg area this week, it looks like the wind is forecast to freshen into the weekend, restricting most of the fishing action back into the local rivers and impoundments. Always check the latest forecast before heading out, as things can change quickly. BUNDABERG OFFSHORE The anglers lucky enough to have some time off through the …

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Varied species on offer for Sunny Coast


From gusty to gale force this week we have seen some very varied conditions across the state. Monday saw a sharp increase in wind from a glassy weekend and by mid-week we had winds strong enough to blow a dog off its chain! species species Offshore the west/south west winds allowed anglers to fish the closer reefs on the weekend …

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First class snapper fishing on Gold Coast

first class

Hi Everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week, conditions  have been first class on the Gold and Tweed Coasts  giving anglers  nice weather for fishing offshore, inshore and land based. A bit of long overdue rain would be great for the local waterways to help give the system a flush out. We have a new moon on Friday bringing …

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Wellington Point Marines weekend at AFTA

IT was that time of year again that all tackle shops head to the annual trade show known as AFTA. All companies at the show had something new to offer with some real standouts! This year came with a twist though as they held the first public day for the trade show. This provided the public attendance to see what …

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