Australia’s underwater natural wonder in never-before-seen detail

underwater natural wonder gbr

Minister Canavan said the data is the product of a four-year scientific partnership between Geoscience Australia, James Cook University and the Australian Hydrographic Service. “The Great Barrier Reef is an Australian icon and natural wonder and Queenslanders are lucky to call it their own,” Minister Canavan said. “Having 1.5 million sq km of data shows us the reef’s structure and …

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Top prawning tips for southeast Queensland

tips prawning southeast queensland

Bramble Bay, out the front of Clontarf Beach, is my go-to area in Moreton Bay. South of Brisbane, a good place to start is Jacobs Well, as are the power lines, Rocky Point, the Saltworks, Redland Bay and the Logan River. CR: When you’re out chasing prawns, how do you find them? DA: Like when you’re fishing, having a good …

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Irukandji found in stinger drags at Fraser Island

irukandji stinger fraser island

SURF Life Saving Queensland can confirm an irukandji has been found at Arch Cliff on Fraser Island during a drag conducted by surf lifesavers on Sunday, January 7. The specimen was sent to Assoc Prof Jamie Seymour at James Cook University to conclusively identify the species, which has been confirmed as a carukia barnesi, a true irukandji. SLSQ has been conducting …

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Temporary recreational fishing exclusion zone to protect NSW

fine raw prawns surveillance results white spot qld wa import restrictions prawns prawn farmers

A SIX-month closure of waters in an exclusion zone immediately adjacent to three operational NSW prawn farms at Yamba has been declared by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The exclusion zone aims to mitigate the risk of spreading white spot disease to the prawn farms by excluding recreational fishing activity close to the water intake of the prawn farms. …

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New rules commence for hammerhead sharks

hammerhead sharks

FISHERIES Queensland is reminding commercial fishers of the new requirements for hammerhead sharks, which commenced on January 1, 2018. Fisheries Queensland Deputy Director-General Scott Spencer said the new regulations were designed to strengthen the management controls around hammerhead sharks and avoid the species being listed as endangered. “New logbooks and instructions for reporting shark catch in Queensland had been sent …

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Tackling Moreton Bay tuskfish

moreton bay tuskfish

The Schneider has fantastic abrasion resistance and though it is a stiffer line, it still knots well. My heavier setup will account for most fish in the bay but when that 5-6kg fish comes along I still have trouble bringing it to the surface. My old man likes to use the good-old Alvey, as with its light free spool the …

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Mangrove Jack Anglers Tournament results

mangrove jack anglers tournament 2017

I spent the weekend with a mate of mine who had never caught a jack and he didn’t get one during the comp either, but still described it as one of his favourite weekends of fishing. I hope you get some good encounters with red fish over summer. See you at the next Mangrove Jack Anglers Tournament.

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A year of wicked fishing adventures

wicked fishing terry lamprecht

It wasn’t long before I started finding large pinnacles that produced a good mixed bag of coral trout, maori cod, red emperor, spanish mackerel, goldband jobfish and redthroat emperor. As the day progressed, I continued searching and kept finding massive pinnacles that produced some nice fish but overall the fishing was pretty slow and the ground I was finding was …

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Help keep white spot out of NSW this summer

keep white spot out nsw

THE NSW Department of Primary Industries is calling on the public to remain vigilant this summer to ensure NSW remains free of white spot disease. NSW DPI is continuing its work to minimise the spread and keep white spot out of NSW, after it was detected in prawns in southeast Queensland in December 2016. DPI manager Aquatic Biosecurity Juliet Corish …

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