A fishing competition with a difference – Wynnum Fishing Classic

OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic

THIS May will see the 2019 OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic come to Moreton Bay. It is the only competition of its kind for Moreton Bay, with all proceeds from the event being directly invested back into the region to support habitat restoration and in turn, raise fish populations in the bay. OzFish Unlimited Moreton Bay Chapter president Robbie Porter …

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Stock assessment of the Australian east coast spotted mackerel fishery

spotted mackerel season hervey bay stock

AUSTRALIAN east coast spotted mackerel, scomberomorus munroi, is a pelagic fish species that forms a single genetic stock in New South Wales and Queensland waters. Spotted mackerel exhibit schooling behaviours that form prominent spawning and feeding aggregations between Cairns and Port Stephens. When present, their highly aggregated, near surface, and catchable behaviour makes them susceptible to overfishing. Catches of spotted …

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Are shark numbers increasing?

shark numbers bnbfishing

WE’VE all had hooked fish taken by sharks! It’s part of the fishing equation – the ‘taxman’ in his grey suit getting his share. Sharks will always make up a significant proportion of a healthy marine environment. But lately we’ve seen numerous complaints of increasing numbers of sharks mauling hooked catches. Facebook and similar social media sites have been riddled …

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Seeking out Moreton Bay sweetlip

rainbow channel grass sweetlip moreton bay

FISHING around the shallow reefs of Moreton Bay will probably see two types of sweetlip turn up. The grass sweetlip (minimum size 30cm, max possession of 10) and spangled emperor (minimum 45cm, max possession five) are some of the tastiest fish getting around. They are also some of the best fighting fish you’ll encounter for the size. Grassies inhabit the …

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Illegal fishing network on Darling River unravelled

darling river illegal fish

MONTHS of intelligence gathering and high-level collaboration between NSW, Victoria and South Australia has resulted in the apprehension of a 36-year-old Pomona man for allegedly taking and illegally selling 12 tonnes of golden perch worth around $200,000. Operation Weelsby was led by NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries over a 20-month period, and included the Victorian Fisheries Authority, Primary Industries …

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Fishing still great in South Burnett despite dropping water levels

water levels dropping south burnett

THE water levels in our two dams are slowly dropping and this has been happening for some time. It’s hard to ignore but it’s a simple fact of life when you’re going through one of the worst droughts in quite some time. Boondooma Dam currently sits at 35 percent and Bjelke-Peterson Dam at 8 percent. Despite the low levels enough …

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Quick 1-minute survey for Stocked Impoundment Permit holders

FISHERIES Queensland is conducting a short, 5-question survey of Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme holders to help improve and maintain the world-class fisheries on offer in Queensland dams and weirs. To help, please complete the below survey that should only take a minute or less of your time. Click this link to complete the freshwater fishing (SIPS) survey

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Tuna, snapper and jewfish throughout Moreton Bay

jewfish throughout moreton bay

FINALLY southeast Queensland has got some much-needed rain and relief from the heat and wind. Dropping water temperatures and the influx of fresh water should fire up the prawns and fish over the coming month and make for great fishing. Tuna Longtail tuna have improved in numbers and regularity, feeding off the surface throughout Moreton Bay since cyclone Oma. Unfortunately, …

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Understanding the impact of recreational fishing

understanding recreational fishing

A NEW survey launched today will help build a better understanding of the demographics, attitudes and social and economic contribution of Australian recreational fishers. Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Senator Richard Colbeck said the survey would provide a clearer picture of one of Australia’s most loved past times. “Recreational fishing ranges from families taking their kids fishing once …

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