Surface feeding pelagics prevalent in Hervey Bay

surface feeding pelagic hervey bay

THE wind continues, but it has settled a bit. With the prevailing wind coming from the east, we’ve beem able to get out and catch fish. Plenty of bait has moved in closer to the shores of Fraser Island and it’s not too small, predominantly being white anchovies and blue pilchards. The dominant successful lures have been soft plastics and …

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Bassday Backfire popper

bassday backfire popper

BASSDAY makes some of the best Japanese lures available anywhere. The company’s expertise in the surface lure market is second to none, with the Sugapen one of the deadliest and best surface lures available. The newest creation, the Backfire, was originally designed for black porgy fish on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka, Japan, but it has proven itself in local conditions …

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The lure of tropical estuaries


FISHING in much of tropical Queensland is far from the first thing that comes to mind at the moment. Some areas escaped damaging floods and these will bounce back quickly, as they do after each significant wet season. Several years ago we had a trip to the tropics planned many months in advance of cyclone Yasi striking, yet went ahead …

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Jewies, Murray cod and more for NSW anglers

jewies nsw

WELCOME to a new year of fishing. I am extremely excited because the new year gives us a chance to take last year’s experiences and use that knowledge to give us a better understanding and hopefully land a lot of new PBs. One of the main things I learnt from a young age is to keep a fishing diary. It …

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Crushed boat sends warning to black market fishers

black market crushed boat

Fishers thinking about breaking the law risk losing their fishing boat. This forfeited boat was crushed at a recycling facility today after the owners used it in the black marketing of redclaw.The boat’s motors were auctioned last week, but the hull had been modified—it was considered unsafe and not suitable for re-sale.For more information, read the full story for details …

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Golden month of fishing on Gold Coast

golden month gold coast fishing

HOW crazy has the fishing been? The Gold Coast has had a golden month, with what seems like fish jumping on anything that hits the water, and it shows no sign of slowing as the weather remains stable. With the current bringing that warm nutrient-filled water down from the north, the fish have followed in their masses. On the local …

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Fish rescued at Menindee

fish rescued menindee

THE NSW Department of Primary Industries has relocated almost 80 stressed fish including Murray cod and golden and silver perch from the Lower Darling River downstream of the Menindee township. Fisheries officers rescued and relocated 16 Murray cod, 15 silver perch and eight golden perch from a spillway pool that was soon to become disconnected from the river when flows …

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Making the metre barra club

metre barra club

SCHOOL holidays are possibly not the best time to be out fishing, with increased traffic at boat ramps and on the waterways, however we made the best of this busy period by heading north to Lake Proserpine (Peter Faust Dam). The journey was timed beautifully on New Year’s Eve when we left our home on the southside of Brisbane at …

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Aussie Salvage Squad crew member fined for taking female crabs

operation turbo reef illegal crab haul red handed crabbing rules queensland aussie salvage squad fined commercial fisher fined $12,000 deter black marketing

As posted on the Fisheries Queensland Facebook page: You may remember an episode of Aussie Salvage Squad that aired back in September 2018 which showed members of the crew taking and cooking female mud crabs in Airlie Beach. As promised, we followed up on your concerns and interviewed the team. One member of the crew was issued with two infringement …

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Fish Inc Lures – Egilicious squid jigs

Fish Inc Egilicious Colour Range

WHAT stands Egilicious squid jigs apart from many other jigs includes their unique take on popular colour patterns, tail design that is three degrees higher than standard jigs to minimise snagging and fouling, and fine Japanese Owner squid jig hooks. These super-sharp and ultra-thin stainless steel hooks from Owner not only mean a better catch rate but also less jigs …

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