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How to Catch Saratoga and Bass on Lake Borumba

So I decided to have a chat. The fisho told me he fished at Borumba frequently and that day had landed four bass. He liked to fish the deeper timber with soft plastics, however he had heard fish were being caught off the edges. The fisho went on to explain the techniques he had used that day. He didn’t give …

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Micro Jigging Tips and Techniques

This works extremely well when the fish are competing for food. By chopping and changing these techniques to see what is working on the day you can tune in to the bite and almost anticipate when the fish are going to eat the lure. It is important to have good-quality electronics on your boat to ensure you are jigging where you …

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How Far Tagged Kingfish Travel

Interestingly, the second-furthest recorded swim north by a tagged South Australian kingfish was also originally captured aboard Like a Boss – AGFC president Paul Williams released it at Port Augusta on October 21, 2013 and it was recaptured and re-released about 387 days later off Coffs Harbour, NSW. As a club, we have tagged several hundred kingfish in the past …

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Lake Monduran Barra Back on the Bite

One of the things every angler needs is the drive of positive thought. Most anglers I know who constantly catch quality fish always go out with the best attitude. To find out about all the hot fishing spots on Lake Monduran, make sure you pop in on the way through and see us at Foxies Barra Havoc, on the highway at Gin Gin. In …

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New Research Reveals Tailor Spawning Areas

RESEARCH by NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries is revealing some very interesting insights into the life cycle of tailor, a hugely popular saltwater sportfish common along the NSW coast. Up until now, it’s been assumed that Queensland’s Fraser Island is the east coast tailor spawning area. However, studies by scientists from the DPI’s Research Angler Program suggest that tailor …

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Rainbow Beach Fishing Trip

On Wednesday it was still blowing, so they decided to try something different – chase squid at the mouth of Carlo Creek. Not saying it was breezy or anything, but the parachute had to be deployed just to slow the drift enough for the poor squid to get a look at the jigs. Just when the anglers thought it couldn’t get any …

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Techniques for How to Catch Fingermark in Queensland

As the squid come in towards the light you can use the squid net to scoop them up quickly.  The dimmer switch comes into play if the squid are staying out of reach of the net.  Once you have attracted the squid to the light, slowly dim the light and the squid will come closer until you can reach them. …

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Fishing Conditions Looking Good for Monduran Dam

The photo I saw showed a burly young guy looking like he had just run a marathon, with the hefty fish draped across his body. You could see the angler had put his heart and soul into his visit to Lake Monduran and he was justly rewarded. This fish was only a fingerling shy of the world record. The Monduran …

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Copeton Dam Cod

You can jog as many times as you like until you have found that sweet spot. It’s perfect for sitting on top of a patch of fish or trying to line up the boat with pockets in the weed. Our MotorGuide electric trolling motors and all accessories are supplied through Whitsunday Outboard Centre, Cannonvale. For all your MotorGuide needs, get …

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