Bowhunting Hare in the Mary Valley

Used in conjunction with a glow peep it allows the hunter to sight prey and release an arrow accurately towards the target in darkness. The more practice, the better the overall results. I’d like to add that this particular sight has the added feature of calculating your pins for distance accuracy. It can be as simple as manually adjusting your …

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Hunting Chicks are Hot

crawl over the dirt to get closer because I guessed 30m was my maximum distance for a decent kill shot. As I raised my head I saw movement and suddenly realised there were three goats. I couldn’t get any closer and decided to slowly stand up while the goats were looking away. An arrow was already ‘loaded’ in my bow and the only …

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Powerful Barnett Vortex Hunter Compound Bow

A smooth draw and the speed of this bow set it apart from most other bows designed for the shorter draw length. The Vortex Hunter takes advantage of what is known as vertical force technology (limbs positioned close to the horizontal plane), which reduces hand shock and vibration. Naturally, the lower the draw weight, the less vibration. At lower draw weights there …

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Bowhunting tracking tips

AS bowhunters, we spend a lot of time practising and perfecting our bowhunting technique, or finding stray arrows in my case. Stalking prey with bow in hand is one of mankind’s oldest traditions and it is in this situation where the true essence of bowhunting can really be felt. Like many aspects of bowhunting, stalking requires a high level of …

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