Boating Safety

Telwater recalls Savage fibreglass boats

savage fibreglass recall

QUEENSLAND-based manufacturer Telwater has issued a recall notice for a range of Savage fibreglass models built between February 2012 and October 2016. The affected models include the 645C, 655C and 655C Hard Top models. According to the recall notice, the bow section of the fibreglass hull structure on the boats may show signs of gelcoat crazing below the cabin area …

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Boat recall ordered for importer

scariff boats recall

URGENT efforts are under way to contact more than 40 new boat owners to warn them they may be in danger if they take the vessels out on the water this summer. Maritime Safety Queensland Acting General Manager Capt Glenn Hale said Maritime Safety Queensland officers had discovered the boats, sold by Queensland company Scariff Boats, had the wrong, or …

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Summer Safe Boating Open Day

safe boating

We are very excited to invite you to our first ever Summer Safe Boating Open Day here at our base on Seaworld Drive, Main Beach! The open day will be on from 6.00am until midday on Saturday 27th October 2018 at 40-44 Seaworld Drive Main Beach and is a joint initiative presented in partnership with Maritime Safety Queensland, Gold Coast Water Police …

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Sea-Tags a simple man overboard alarm system


SEA-TAGS wristbands are man overboard alarm systems that continuously send a signal to smartphones equipped with it’s own app. When a Sea-Tags device is submerged in water, the communication is lost and all smartphones currently monitoring the wristband will trigger an alarm and save the GPS position at the time of the incident. It is also possible to configure the …

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Product recalls for ineffective lifejackets

jarvis walker pfds lifejackets

MSV undertook its own testing of the Jarvis Walker block-style lifejacket model Type1 PFD of batch number WD-15-0588 (Date of manufacture: October 2015).The lifejacket was constructed with a suspected design fault of having the waistband affixed to one side only. In testing, it was found that the unsecured side of the lifejacket slipped free of the waistband when test subjects …

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Vessel tracking policy and guidelines released for feedback

vessel tracking policy feedback

THE Queensland Government recently released a draft policy and guideline to support the roll-out of vessel tracking on all commercial fishing boats. Fisheries Queensland Director of Operations Mark Doohan said the department was seeking feedback around the rules and scenarios that commercial fishers would need to follow, starting from the end of 2018. “Vessel tracking is part of a larger …

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Seqwater warns lake users still water is still dangerous

seqwater still water still dangerous

VISITORS to southeast Queensland’s lakes and dams are being reminded to play it safe this summer, with inland waterways continuing to be the leading location for drowning in Australia. The warning comes from the region’s bulk water supplier Seqwater, which manages open catchments, allowing millions of visitors each year to enjoy recreational activities on the dams and lakes that supply …

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Insights into boat insurance

BUSH ‘n Beach has brought Nautilus Marine Insurance on board to expand the fine print and provide readers with clear, easy-to-understand and helpful tips on protecting their boating assets with boat insurance. The scenario You used to run a Garmin 126 GPS so you could navigate to your favourite offshore fishing spots, but you’ve since upgraded to a Garmin GPSMAP …

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How to anchor your boat correctly

how to anchor your boat correctly

A BOAT anchor is used when you want to stop and fish, swim, have lunch or stay overnight. It is also an important piece of safety equipment. Even if you do not plan to use it, an anchor is imperative if a boat breaks down. An anchor will keep the boat in the one location or reduce the rate of …

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