Tackle World Noosa

Tackle World Noosa

Medium sized spanish mackerel on Sunshine Coast

Richard Beeson with a medium sized spanish mackerel

It appears that all things that start off great come to an abrupt end from a weather point of view. We finally had some cracking weather days which saw light winds, light swell and a clearing of the sea from dark brown. With the start of the weekend there was a great weather window that soon faded away to 20 …

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Offshore from Noosa the local reefs don’t disappoint

offshore from noosa spanish mackerel

The last week of Feb certainly turned on a mixed bag of weather for the coast. From cold mornings to humid afternoons and thunderstorms we have had it all. The rivers are running darker than previous weeks and as such there was a flurry of fish biting hard. Offshore from Noosa the local reefs were the most accessible due to …

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Rain has fired up reefies on Sunshine Coast

fired up reefies sunshine coast

We have seen the rains finally start to subside which has seen some great fish caught not only offshore, but in the river too. Even though the waters are still brown it is still worth going out and having a go. Offshore the local reefs of Sunshine, Jew Shoal and Halls reef have seen some great captures. The rains have …

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Great mangrove jack captures continue at Noosa

great mangrove jack captures

With cyclone swell pounding the SE QLD coastline the offshore scene was put on hold. The Noosa Bar has seen 6-8 foot swell hitting straight on which should see the channel move and hopefully open things up. All the rain we had in the middle of the week in combination with post full moon tides saw the river get a …

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Big rainfalls alter water colour on Sunshine Coast

big rainfalls sunshine coast red emperor

With the coast copping some big rainfalls of late the rivers have turned dark brown and the local reefs have seen a change in water colour. We have also seen a bump in the swell making offshore conditions hard during the week. The weekend did see light winds early on but the swell remained which kept most in the river. …

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Take advantage of every bite window on Sunny Coast

bite window sunny coast

With the new moon behind us we saw a solid bite window pre-moon phase. The building tides and storms that were building up saw the Noosa River come alive after dark with mangrove jacks making the most of the low light hunting conditions. Offshore we saw a better early morning bite window and strong currents prevailed. As things headed toward …

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Best catches in lower Noosa River and Laguna Bay

laguna bay noosa mackerel

Well that’s the first month of the New Year done and dusted! From scorching dry heat to humidity high enough to make you head for the air con we have seen some big changes. We finally had some decent rainfall and all the rivers along the coast have finally had a bit of a flush. Offshore has been slower this …

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What a change to conditions on Sunshine Coast

what a change sunshine coast fishing

What a change in the week’s weather we have had. From steady rainfall which soaked into the scorched ground to glass out mornings offshore, to head high swell on the bar and rain falls up to 140mm on Friday night.  With that the daytime temps dropped down to 24C which gave us a break from the heat which was welcomed …

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Fish taking a multitude of presentations off Sunny Coast

multitude of presentations noosa fishing

With the winds staying light throughout the week many anglers found out that Sunshine was the place to be. From the Kayakers to owners of small craft the swell and winds let anyone have a go and most got rewarded. The fish are starting to take a multitude of different presentations, from slow-trolled garfish on pre-made troll rigs to hard-bodies …

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Each week bringing more potential for Sunny Coast pelagic anglers

pelagic anglers sunshine coast mahi mahi

With more and more people staring holidays were are starting to see some great fish getting caught. Without a doubt each week is bringing in more and more potential for the pelagic anglers, as a variety of species continue to be caught. As we drew towards the full moon, the tides built and the bait balls got bigger, as did …

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