zerek live swimbait

Zerek Live Swimbait is next level

THE Zerek Live Swimbait takes the famous Live Mullet body profile to the next level.

The Live Swimbait uses the same concept as the widely acclaimed Live Shrimp – to emulate natural prey movements to trigger strikes. To achieve this goal, the designers used a segmented thermoplastic body held together with Kevlar webbing, giving strength and unparalleled freedom of movement.

The main body section hides an ingeniously designed one-piece wire frame that connects the tow point to the hook hanger, giving even more strength.
But that’s not all; this one-piece wire frame also has additional hangers.

Two on top enable a spinnerbait arm or extra hooks to be attached, while underneath is a hanger for chin weights such as the Mustad Fast-ach Football Weights and the traditional hook hanger.

The options are virtually unlimited! Easily workable with a straight retrieve, the lifelike 3D eyes and detailed finishes (natural and attractor patterns) make the Zerek Live Swimbait an essential addition to your tackle kit, whether chasing barra, Murray cod, mulloway and everything in between.

Available in 12 colours, the Live Swimbait is designed to sink in fresh water at the rate of 30cm per second, allowing anglers to easily target suspending fish, thermoclines and bait schools.

For more information, visit wilsonfishing.com

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