z-man trd hogz

Z-Man 3” TRD HogZ

IS it a crab, shrimp, hellgrammite, yabby, prawn or insect?

We’re not sure exactly what Z-Man’s new creature bait is but the TRD HogZ has already accounted for a stack of species in both the fresh and salt. Plenty of moving parts in the form of large antennae and fine legs create vibration and water movement, while the natural buoyancy of the 10X Tough ElaZtech material encourages an ‘antennae up’, life-like pose when at rest on the bottom.

This buoyancy combined with TT Lures’ new NedlockZ jig head creates a deadly stand-up presentation that reduces snagging and puts those antennae right in the face of the fish, triggering strikes. A ribbed body adds to the realistic feel and creates additional water movement while also being perfect for holding scent, and a solid core allows the TRD HogZ to be trimmed shorter for a more finesse presentation as required.

Initially available in six natural colours including Dirt, The Deal, Molting Craw and Drew’s Craw, the TRD HogZ is sure to become a go-to for anglers chasing bream, bass, trout, redfin, flathead and more. Six HogZ are included in each pack and the SRP is $10.95.

Fish on!

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