Craig from the shop with a nice land based Jack on a ZMan SwimmerZ.

Mangrove Jack and Cod Around Tin Can Bay

The past week has only see a few brief windows of opportunity to hit the water with strong wind for most of the week with only the last few days providing some clear skies with little wind.  The forecast for this weekend isn’t looking much better as we will be feeling the effects of TC Winton as the coast cops a battering from large swells.  This will no doubt cause further problems at Mudlo Rocks stripping away any sand that has managed to start coming back.

Despite some of the crappy weather we have still received a few reports of cod & mangrove jack being caught around Tin Can Bay.  Whilst the open bay can be off limits during strong winds there is usually a few creeks that will off protection and generally produce good fish.  Carlo, Snapper, Kauri and Tuan are all good options if it’s too rough in the bay.

Crabs are very active at present with the shop supply of crab bait getting a hiding. Friday is looking to be the best chance to get out and enjoy the open waters before the wind picks up Saturday morning to 10-15 knots for the majority of the weekend.

If the wind does manage to drop away early next week the neap tides will provide a great opportunity to fish areas such as Bluff reef, Teebar, Seary’s and Tinnanbar ledges for a feed of reefies.  With the large swell forecast the offshore scene will most likely be a no go for the next few days as will beach access south from Rainbow to Double Island Point.

Until next week stay safe on the water.


Jim Cole

Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

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