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   September comment from Ben Collins, Editor Bush 'n Beach Fishing magazine

AS I pen this month’s editorial, Queensland Fisheries Management Review consultations have started.

Unfortunately we weren’t given a lot of notice and time to get the information out to the greater fishing public. Which is a shame really, as this could have been a very positive move.

Due to work commitments (print deadline for this edition and a fishing competition) I won’t actually be able to get to any of the meetings in my area. I’ll still be providing a written submission but would have preferred some one-on-one consultation.

If you are in a similar boat, make sure you have your say before 5pm Thursday, October 30. I’ve already voiced my concerns to the Queensland Government about insufficient notice and lack of meeting times. I realise that you are never going to get a time that suits everyone, but in my eyes this review is extremely important, so every possible effort should have been made to get it right.

If that means holding twice the number of meetings, then so be it. The meetings would only be a fraction of the cost compared to some of the ‘research’ that is done. And the Government would get real information from people who are out on the water. This lack of foresight is a little baffling. Just make sure you get your submissions in.

Anyway, back on the positive bandwagon. A press release hit my email minutes before going to the printers, so it couldn’t be included in this edition (and I’ve only just skimmed it), but it is announcing two new reefs in the Great Sandy Marine Park. So it’s not all doom and gloom and I do think the Government is actually trying to move in the right direction, though there seem to be some fundamental flaws in the planning.

Brisbane Boat Show

The countdown for the Brisbane Boat Show has begun. This year is looking better than ever, with Marine Queensland taking some feedback on board from previous years and ensuring there will be a heap more things to see and do. So whether you just want a fun, family day out or are looking to buy your next offshore boat, the Brisbane Boat Show is the place to be.

In fact the show has grown, so more space was needed to accommodate everyone and everything. The Bush ‘n Beach Fishing magazine stand has moved from where it was last year to the same position as previous Tinnie and Tackle shows. If you are at the show, make sure you come past and say g’day.

As usual we will have top subscription offers for you. For more show information, check out the feature in this edition or follow our Facebook page. There will also be a few double passes to be won on our Facebook page, so make sure you like it.

Ben Collins