Spillway gates removed from Leslie Harrison Dam

THE four spillway gates previously used to control outflows from Leslie Harrison Dam have been removed as part of Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program. Seqwater chief executive officer Peter Dennis said the gate removal was part of the ongoing program of work at the dam, which supplies about 25 percent of Redland City’s drinking water. “Last year we lowered the lake level …

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Weekend away yakking for yellowbelly

This time, however, the section seemed almost stagnant and quite fishless. After working our way through several shallow sections and dragging the yaks over numerous log jams, we popped out into a decent-looking pool. Sadly, this pool only yielded a bass each for James and I. One interesting meeting we had was with a farmer and his wife who we …

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Water release from Wivenhoe Dam

Seqwater advises that a radial gate will be used to maintain normal water releases from Wivenhoe Dam starting on Wednesday 17 June 2015 for approximately two weeks. Seqwater is undertaking maintenance of the outlet works at Wivenhoe Dam. To facilitate this work, the outlet works and hydro-station will be taken off-line during business hours, and one radial gate will be …

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Lake Somerset Holiday Park review

The showers didn’t show any sign of stopping, which we confirmed by jumping on the Bureau of Meteorology website to check the radar. However, while the dismal weather was certainly taking the shine off our outdoor aspirations it wasn’t going to ruin our relaxation. Our Lakeview Villa was well appointed and quite modern, with an LCD TV, Foxtel, queen bed in …

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Monduran winter barra tips

AS most barra anglers know, the colder months can make fishing at Lake Monduran hard but not impossible, and for those anglers who regularly fish Monduran, many love fishing at this time of year. Some solid fish are still being caught, the only difference is instead of that big straw hat and an Esky full of cold drinks it’s a …

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Lake Boondooma and Barambah fishing report

We’ve also got a pending world length record Australian bass of 51cm. This fish was caught from Boondooma, so it will be great to see this verified and in the record book for years to come. Lure fishers have had great success all over the dam, but particularly in the timbered arms. The Boyne and Stuart arms have produced very …

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First yak-caught barra

It must have been one nervous fish in among these barra. As I continued up the bank I came to another section of lilies with a cutting through them. I dropped my lure towards the back of the cutting and it was almost instantly monstered by a slightly smaller barra. Fortunately it took off towards the middle of the river …

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Berkley Boondooma Brawl

Dane credited his success to his Barrabass XSB822 rod paired to a Daiwa Steez spooled with 15lb braid and 12lb leader tied to a Smak 1/2oz Mini Coop in colour 07. Dane gave a shout-out to the good people who sponsor him at Barrabass Custom Tournament Rods, Tonic Eyewear and TT/Z-Man Lures. Congratulations on a solid performance Dane; we look …

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Monster bass in Bluefin Teams Open

THE final qualifier for the Bluefin Teams series was run at Lake Boondooma and the fish remained on the bite from the March 21-22 Berkley Boondooma Brawl. With Easter just a week beforehand and an extremely competitive field, we were concerned the bass wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure, but if anything the fishing was better than at the …

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Freshwater fix from a quick flick

This was a good reminder for me to check the Seqwater website when water levels are down in dams. Hopefully I’ll get back into some Borumba fishing soon. Monduran Dam Recently I was lucky enough to head to Monduran Dam with my mate Jackson for a much-anticipated barra fish. This dam is huge and upon arrival we met up with one of …

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