Fishing Tips

Pointers on how to catch Pine River flathead

If you are after a cheaper alternative that has the same quality as the Zerek, check out the range from Softplasticsdude. At only $5 I don’t mind as much when I lose these lures to snags and fish. Fish similar areas when trolling lures. A sounder is extremely helpful because you want to locate the drop-offs. I like to troll along the steep …

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Weather looking great for an offshore adventure

WITH a bit of fresh in the river after the weekend anglers have been spoil for choice with some fantastic fish on offer. Golden trevally are providing some fun for lure anglers throughout the river with some good fish up to 70cm being caught, curly tail soft plastics fished anywhere there is a good concentration of baitfish has seen a …

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Catching Flathead in the Great Sandy Strait

Find whatever you are comfortable with and have a good go at using the various lure types. Flathead will eat anything as long as you put it in front of them. Their nature is incredibly aggressive and they love to ambush baitfish. They will sink down into the sand and lay in wait for bait to swim over before lashing out and swallowing it. Flathead certainly are predatory fish but also very tactical in the way they hunt. They …

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Tips on How to Catch Blackfish

With a proud float you have to strike at even a quiver or small down. This was a whole new learning process for me because I’d never fished this way before. I only used one hook and also had a weight on my leader, which is something I never do, but we certainly caught plenty of blackfish. If I’m fishing …

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Micro Jigging Tips and Techniques

This works extremely well when the fish are competing for food. By chopping and changing these techniques to see what is working on the day you can tune in to the bite and almost anticipate when the fish are going to eat the lure. It is important to have good-quality electronics on your boat to ensure you are jigging where you …

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Techniques for How to Catch Fingermark in Queensland

Some days the fingermark will just slam the herring with hardly a nibble beforehand and on other days they will pick at the bait like a little bream until you hook them and they just about pull your arms off. With the squid baits I run a two-hook snood rig with 6/0 octopus hooks. I place the top hook in the …

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Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent

The 2oz squeeze bottle gives you plenty of fish-attracting power for your dollar and makes applying the scent quick, easy and mess free, as well as ensuring there is no leakage when stored. There are nine Super Gel flavours available in the range: Garlic Plus, Nightcrawler, Mullet, Bloody Tuna, Shrimp, Crawfish, Blue Crab, Inshore Salt Water and Squid. So next …

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How to Catch Mulloway

This allows the fish to stay alive longer and gives you a better chance of hooking a jewfish. Most baitfish are found either around rock walls or in deeper water with structure such as shipwrecks or weedy bottoms. Do I need to spend big money on gear? Yes and no. Invest in a decent rod and reel, because with these you get …

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