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Hot impoundment barra bite

barra bite

Our biggest barra went 98cm and it was boated on a Lox Gen2 Baitcaster, 60lb braid and 80lb leader. We fished mainly in the early morning until about 11am, then we’d go back to camp to eat and sleep before getting back on the water at 5pm. It was hard work casting thousands of times into the one snag but …

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The Bureau’s top tips for fishing this summer


THE Bureau of Meteorology has compiled some fantastic tips and new tools to help you find the best time and place for safe fishing this summer. Finding the perfect fishing spot is a fine art, but whatever secret location you choose to fish, the most important aspect of your search should be to ensure you won’t get caught out by …

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Tips for big summer whiting

The western side of Chevron Island also produces, particularly from the green beacon up to where the small canal comes in on the left as you’re heading upstream. Within 100m of both red and green beacons at the Chambers is worth a try, as is the area upstream from the Chambers where the power lines cross the river. Once past …

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How to jig for impoundment bass

On this trip I went ultra-finesse by using 1-3kg Lox Ambassador rods with 4lb Timber Wolf braid and 4lb Toray fluorocarbon leader on a Shimano Stradic 1000. You can use any sort of lure but some work better than others. My usual go-to lures for this sort of technique are the Berkley Gulp Nemesis in 3”, 2.5” plastic grubs and …

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Anglers’ guide to fishing with the weather – from a pro

I’m not talking about finding massive changes in water temperature by moving from shallow to deep water, but a 1-2C change can make all the difference. Wind The wind has often been called the scourge of most anglers, but it is a factor of nature and out of all the elements it changes the most, in both direction and velocity. …

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