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From Newcastle to Noosa and Tewantin to the Torres Strait, Bush ‘n Beach Fishing magazine has got you covered with fishing articles from Australia’s most experienced anglers. Whether you’re into flathead, whiting, snapper, mackerel, bream, tuna, Murray cod, barramundi or bass fishing, there are fishing articles here to suit your interests. If you have an idea for a fishing article, email Bush ‘n Beach subeditor Dan at  l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Targeting Mangrove Jack from a Kayak

I knew exactly what I had hooked and had deliberately set my drag tight so there was no way this fish was dragging me into its home. This jack was doing everything it possibly could to snap me off, however the rudder system attached to my new kayak allowed me to easily manoeuvre my kayak and the fish out of …

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Landing the Elusive Reef Jack

I landed a couple and had several wipe-outs when I hooked what I initially thought was just another small kingfish. But then I looked over the side and saw something orange coming up. Perplexed, I gave the handle a few more turns and saw a mangrove jack of 4-5kg nearing the surface. In that split second when I recognised what the fish …

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Darling Downs Golden Perch

There was something about that particular lure and its colour that really stirred up the fish. Straight after tying it on, I hooked three yellowbelly one after another. Simon also managed a couple of decent Murray cod at 60cm and 70cm. This just goes to show that no two river systems fish the same. It soon became apparent that regardless of what …

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Fishing Options at Boondooma and Bjelke-Petersen Dams

It went into the net quite easily and I was rewarded with a beautiful fish of 68cm. I had been keen to get a toga for quite some time, so this was a memorable catch. Later in the day when the sun is up I’d be moving out to the main basin and sounding for concentrations of fish in the 4-6m …

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Drag-smoking Spanish Mackerel and Wahoo

In the distance I could see a small flock of birds diving into the water, so I slowly trolled north towards them. The Garmin sounder turned red and just as we drove over a large school of bait, two of the reels started screaming. I love the way that when a Shimano Tiagra goes off, the sound vibrates through the …

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B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Glenbawn Teams Challenge

This turned out to be a great move because Mitchell taught Brad the technique that saw him catch the largest limit of the tournament and take home $1500 worth of cash and prizes. Brad vertically fished a Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub on a Berkley Nitro Dam Deep jig head for the entire tournament. He used a 13 Fishing Muse Gold 7’2”, light, …

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Deep Dropping in Depth

To me it looked like a gravel patch on mud or sand, but in 270m of water I could not make out anything except some life right on the bottom. When you discover life over nondescript flat ground in this depth, fish it. Chances are it will not have seen much action from other fishos due to the lack of serious …

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Chasing Dolphinfish Around Cape Moreton

With this in mind, we decided to also use a couple of Rapala X-Rap 20+ lures in Red Head colour because the latest Grubbsta skirts are a lot lighter so you can troll them at a much lower speed, which gives you the opportunity to use a combination of hard-bodies and skirts. We were lucky we decided to troll the …

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