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From Newcastle to Noosa and Tewantin to the Torres Strait, Bush ‘n Beach Fishing magazine has got you covered with fishing articles from Australia’s most experienced anglers. Whether you’re into flathead, whiting, snapper, mackerel, bream, tuna, Murray cod, barramundi or bass fishing, there are fishing articles here to suit your interests. If you have an idea for a fishing article, email Bush ‘n Beach subeditor Dan at  l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

Flathead are plentiful in the river

Yet another perfect weekend for Noosa angler to get out and take advantage of the wonderful conditions. Starting with the Noosa River; the tailor have again been on the chew with the river mouth, Woods Bays and the frying pan all great spots to target them, trevally have also been in the mix with plenty of those 30 to 40cm …

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North Pine Dam bass tagging

My Sea Jay 370 Creek Masta entered the water two hours later and we collected our tags and recording sheets and waited for the go ahead. I had a casual flick off the bank while watching the sunrise and a little bass decided my Z-Man Slim SwimZ looked like a good breakfast. So that was the first one for the …

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Hot Brisbane River threadfin session

It seemed like the fish was never going to give up but finally it came alongside and once in the boat went 107cm. It was a fantastic fish to open her account. Celebrations and gloating were about to kick in when suddenly Joe was on. It was a bit hard to work out who was playing who but it was …

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Tips on targeting jewfish

And any hole that contains some structure on the bottom or along the bank is a real bonus. Once you have located the deep holes, the next element to consider is whether enough bait is in the hole to support the jewies. Jewfish are very nomadic in their behaviour and will migrate in schools up and down the rivers, only …

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Pointers on how to catch Pine River flathead

If you are after a cheaper alternative that has the same quality as the Zerek, check out the range from Softplasticsdude. At only $5 I don’t mind as much when I lose these lures to snags and fish. Fish similar areas when trolling lures. A sounder is extremely helpful because you want to locate the drop-offs. I like to troll along the steep …

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New Fish Inc. Lures Prop Stickbait

THE latest addition to the Tackle Tactics stable of brands, Fish Inc. Lures stickbaits and poppers, feature quality finishes, durable construction and come fitted with genuine, heavy-duty Owner trebles. The Prop stickbait is a 140mm, 62g sinking hard-body that casts like a bullet, tracks well at speed when worked on the surface and can be sunk to the desired depth …

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Catching Flathead in the Great Sandy Strait

Find whatever you are comfortable with and have a good go at using the various lure types. Flathead will eat anything as long as you put it in front of them. Their nature is incredibly aggressive and they love to ambush baitfish. They will sink down into the sand and lay in wait for bait to swim over before lashing out and swallowing it. Flathead certainly are predatory fish but also very tactical in the way they hunt. They …

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Tips on How to Catch Blackfish

With a proud float you have to strike at even a quiver or small down. This was a whole new learning process for me because I’d never fished this way before. I only used one hook and also had a weight on my leader, which is something I never do, but we certainly caught plenty of blackfish. If I’m fishing …

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