Protect your car from rust with Electronic Rust Prevention Systems

IF you’re a keen fisher, avid four-wheel-driver or general outdoors enthusiast, chances are you’re a fan of adventure. Whether it’s bush, beach or just cruising on-road, your vehicle is the go-to travel companion for all things outdoors. Amongst the excitement of heading out, it can be easy to forget about the extreme conditions our vehicles endure and unfortunately, many of …

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Evakool tailor-made fridge solutions

FISHING, boating and a love of the outdoors are synonymous with our Australian lifestyle, but whether away for a day, week or month, your enjoyment of your trip is very dependent on your choice of 12V fridge or icebox. How often have you heard fellow travellers complaining that their fridge is struggling to keep cold or they are tired of …

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All 4 Adventure Rhino-Rack swag

Rhino-Rack swag

FROM the larrikin TV personalities on All 4 Adventure and veteran Australian outdoor brand Rhino-Rack comes the swag you’ve been waiting for: the All 4 Adventure Rhino-Rack Swag. This swag has been designed to tackle even the toughest and most unforgiving terrain. Waterproof and durable, this domed unit is strong enough to be laid down on almost any surface without fear …

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Promising start to North Coast shark net trial

nsw north coast shark net trial

THE initial results of the shark net trial on the NSW North Coast show the majority of marine life captured was released alive. The NSW Department of Primary Industries found that in the first month of the nets being in place, 72 percent of marine animals were successfully released. Four sharks from targeted species (one white shark, two tiger sharks …

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Hunting rabbits in Australia

hunting rabbits australia

It isn’t only rural and remote areas that have become infested with feral rabbits. I’ve seen them in the suburbs of Ipswich, Esk, Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton and Toowoomba (where they often go unnoticed because people just assume they are hares). Biological controls have been used nationwide and have proven very effective in significantly reducing the population. As impressive as the …

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Off-road canopy for HiLux

off-road canopy for hilux

We got a tent that clicks onto the awning and then we took it to a trimmer to have it modified to seal around the opening of the door. This gives us a nice tent section on that side of the vehicle that opens up into the back of the canopy. This is where the kids sleep and it’s an …

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National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo

THE National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo is returning to the Brisbane Showgrounds in 2017, scheduled for March 31-April 2, featuring thousands of fishing, boating, camping, 4×4 and outdoors products from the industry’s leading retailers. The show returns following successful events in both Brisbane and Melbourne in 2016. Already included in the exhibitor line-up are big names such …

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Be SharkSmart this summer

be sharksmart summer

BEACHGOERS are encouraged to be SharkSmart, with a multi-faceted campaign under way together with the NSW Government’s $16 million Shark Management Strategy to reduce the risk of shark attacks this summer. NSW Department of Primary Industries deputy director General Fisheries Dr Geoff Allan said the SharkSmart campaign provides useful tips to minimise the risk of being in waters where sharks …

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Bigfish Gear REPEL shirts protect you from bugs

bigfish gear

BIGFISH Gear is a fishing apparel and graphic design company based in Darwin. All Bigfish Gear shirts are made from the highest-quality, Australian-knitted polyester. This ‘sports dry’ material is designed for the tropics and is incredibly soft, unbelievably cool, durable, UPF50 and lightweight.  The material is much cooler than cotton, will not fade or shrink like cotton, does not require …

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Epic road trip into Kakadu

We also managed to find western bowerbirds, blue-faced honeyeaters and tiny peaceful doves in numbers along the riverside tracks near town. In common with most inland population centres, indigenous culture is thriving around Katherine. We visited Top Didj, now the home of the Katherine Art Gallery, just a few kilometres from the town centre. Here you can gaze at traditional …

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