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Fresh Water in Noosa System Sends Trevally to the Mouth

With the water in the river dirtying up again after the rain, trevally have been feeding closer to the river mouth. Surface lures like the Davo’s River Popper and the Cultiva Go-Bo popper have been the most successful catching a good majority of the fish. Early morning and late afternoon being the best time to fish this area. Queenfish and …

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Weather Window got Angler Offshore at Sunshine Coast

HOW things have changed over the last week after that atrocious weather earlier in the month. In the Noosa River, trevally have been in big numbers and seem to be traveling in small schools with dawn and sunset the prime attack times. In Woods Bays surface presentations have been the most exciting and effective ways to target these fish. The …

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Target Tailor, Trevally, Bream On Sunshine Coast this Weekend

Plenty of fresh in the river system! After the big rain event last weekend, the river has dirtied up as fresh water makes its way down from the upper reaches. With the king tides we are getting this will certainly clean things up quickly. Over the next week as the river clears, areas around the river mouth will be the …

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Plenty of Trevally in the Noosa River

The Noosa River over the last week has been the place to be if you love chasing trevally, good sized giant trevally have been coming from around the Coast Guard boats near Munna Point as well as Inner Woods Bay. Surface presentations have been the way to go with smaller surface walkers like the River2sea Scum Dogs and Surface poppers …

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Good Numbers of Tailor in Noosa River

There have been some great tailor coming into the Noosa River and one of the best ways to target them is on  surface lures, early morning and late afternoon has been the prime time. Don’t forget to upsize that leader material as tailor are notorious for bite offs. Lightly weighted pillies have also been effective baits. Golden, diamond, big eye …

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Tailor, Whiting, Jewfish, Mackerel and Snapper at Noosa

WHAT a weekend! Last weekend would have to have been one of the best we have seen this year for anglers. Starting with the Noosa River; quality tailor have been in good number in the lower stretches of the river. Big live baits at night have been the most consistent option to target the larger fish. Surface lures have also …

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Perfect Weather for Offshore Anglers

Larger bream numbers are on the increase. Lightly weighted flesh baits like fresh mullet being the best approach. Trevally numbers are also increasing with Golden, Giant and Tea Leaf Trevally all feeding around the low light periods. Woods Bays, Munna Point and the back of Noosa Sound have been the most active areas. Surface lures and small plastics like the …

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Big Tuna Schools in Laguna Bay

WHITING have still been in good numbers and have been the perfect target for the kids, with the dog beach Gympie terrace and the Frying Pan fishing well on the incoming tide. Live worms, yabbies and pealed prawns have been the baits of choice. Bream have been in good numbers in Woods Bay on prawns, pillies and strips of bonito. Small …

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Cooler Weather brings on Noosa River Fishing

Woods Bays and the back of the Noosa Sound has been fishing well during the low light hours of the morning and afternoon with anglers landing some nice sized trevally, tailor and the odd mangrove jack is also in the mix. Lures have been the key to success with anglers using gladiator prawns, Cultiva Savoy Shads and the ever popular …

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Plenty of Fish in the Noosa River

The Noosa River has been a hype of activity over the past couple of weeks, with Easter then the school holiday break attracting a lot of people to Noosa’s Iconic River. Good quality flathead have been coming from the mouth of Lake Cooroibah, flathead have been pretty much right throughout the system. Try trolling a hardbody slowly or cast and …

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