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Coomera Houseboats customers get into the fish

The Westerly winds sure showed up with a blast during the week on the Gold Coast cooling things down, an upside is beach fishing is a great option chasing Tailor on the surf beaches. Let’s see how the fishing was this week for our Houseboat customers. Our Houseboat customers managed to find a few good spots out of the westerly …

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Great winter fishing on Gold Coast

Another great winters week on the Gold Coast with good weather and Fishing for those lucky enough to get out and try your luck.  Let’s have a look at some options for the weekend. Good bait schools have moved into the Jumpinpin and Broadwater area the past couple of weeks, so far Tailor fishing has been a bit inconsistent this …

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Cracking fish on Gold Coast

We’ve had another fantastic week for School Holiday fishing on the Gold Coast with light winds and plenty of sunshine for all our Houseboat and Tackle shop customers. Let’s see what been biting this week. The catch of the week goes to Kerra with her cracker Jewfish she caught fishing at Tipplers Passage on her Houseboat holiday, the Jew fell …

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Anglers go chasing reef fish off Gold Coast

The weather gods have been in a great mood this week on the Gold Coast, giving us light winds and small swell, allowing anglers to head offshore and chase a feed of reef fish. Our School Holiday Houseboat customers have had great conditions and good fishing in the Broadwater and Jumpinpin area as well. It was great to finally see …

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Houseboat customers reporting good catches

After more wind and swell on the Gold Coast this week it’s great to see a fantastic weather forecast on the way for this weekend and the following week. With School holidays starting Friday, let’s have a look at a few fishing options to keep the kids busy on the Gold Coast. It’s been great to see lots of family’s …

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Bream a perennial favourite on Gold Coast

What a wet and windy week we’ve had on the Gold Coast, lucky our Houseboat customers have plenty of good anchorages around the Broadwater and Jumpinpin to hide out of the wind and make the most of their time on the water.  Let’s have a look at options after the rain. Just as the Broadwater and Jumpinpin areas had started …

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Gold Coast blessed with good fishing conditions

We have been blessed here on the Gold Coast again this week with light winds and plenty of sunshine for all our Houseboats hirers and Tackle Shop Customers during the week. There is defiantly a winter chill in the air for everyone getting an early start on the water, let’s have a look at some fishing options. Flathead have been …

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Coomera Houseboats customers getting into the jewfish

A good run of weather for all our Houseboat and local customers last weekend and early in the week was the perfect end to May.  The first day of winter kicked off with a cool south westerly on the Gold Coast.  Let’s have a look at what been biting this week. Our Houseboat customers did well again this week getting …

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Gold Coast giving up good fish

We’ve had a nice week weather wise on the Gold Coast with light winds and sunshine making conditions on the water favourable.  It’s great to be back on deck after a couple of weeks off, looks like our customers have been catching some great fish and crabs while I was away.  Let’s have a look at fishing options for the …

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Anything could turn up around Coomera

We have just had a couple of the most perfect Autumn days, with lots of sunshine and very low winds but it looks like that is all about to change. The forecast for the Gold Coast has us expecting quite a bit of rain over this coming week end. The winds are going to stay east to south-easterly and then …

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