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Gold Coast giving up good fish

We’ve had a nice week weather wise on the Gold Coast with light winds and sunshine making conditions on the water favourable.  It’s great to be back on deck after a couple of weeks off, looks like our customers have been catching some great fish and crabs while I was away.  Let’s have a look at fishing options for the …

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Anything could turn up around Coomera

We have just had a couple of the most perfect Autumn days, with lots of sunshine and very low winds but it looks like that is all about to change. The forecast for the Gold Coast has us expecting quite a bit of rain over this coming week end. The winds are going to stay east to south-easterly and then …

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Crabs and fish aplenty on Gold Coast

Our houseboat customers had a great Labour Day Long Weekend on Gold Coast enjoying some nice weather and catching a feed of Fish and Crabs around the Broadwater and Jumpimpin. Let’s have a look at a few options for this weekend. With the water and air temp starting to drop a bit targeting a big Jew in the Seaway will …

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Gold Coast offshore reefs fishing well

It’s been a nice week on Gold Coast with all our Houseboat hirers enjoying ANZAC day on the Broadwater. With the Labour Day Long Weekend in sight let’s have a look at some fishing options on the Gold Coast. Prawns have been around in big numbers for the past week leading up to the new moon with many anglers getting …

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Great Gold Coast fishing continues

Well what a great Easter we have had here on the Gold Coast.  Light winds and sunny days, there was a shower or two threatening a couple of times but never eventuated to anything much. Our houseboat customers have mostly reported they got good catches of Crabs and fish over our 5 night Easter charter.   In most areas even the …

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Rivers and fishing improving on Gold Coast

It’s been a great week on Gold Coast with all our Houseboat hirers and families enjoying some classic weather conditions on the Broadwater for school holidays. The water quality is getting back to normal after the rain and the fishing has been good. Let’s have a look at some Easter fishing options. The local rivers and estuaries are starting to …

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Extreme rain affects Gold Coast fishing

We are all happy to see the end of “Debbie” here on the Gold Coast, a lot of rain in a short time frame certainly affected the local area and impacted on the community in a lot of different ways.  We were lucky here on the Coomera River that the system handled the extra over flow at the weir fairly …

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Gold Coast fishing well before crazy weather

We had a good weekend and start to the week on the Gold Coast with plenty of fishing being done until the low moved down from up north dumping heavy rain and bringing strong winds as well on Thursday. Hopefully it doesn’t hang around too long and we see some better weather over the weekend. Lucky customers that got out …

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Gold Coast fishing OK after fresh flush

We’ve had another wet week here on the Gold Coast with heavy falls of rain last Sunday and more patchy showers during the week adding to the fresh water runoff making its way into our rivers and main channels. Despite the fresh flush the fishing has been ok at times and the Mud Crabs have been on the chew. The …

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Fishing Gold Coast after the flush

IT looks like the dry spell has finally come to an end on the Gold Coast this week with some good falls of long overdue rain. The rain will do wonders for the system giving the rivers and creeks a good flush out. Let’s have a look at what’s been biting and options over the weekend. We have finally had …

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