Choosing your First Kayak

Things to consider after your purchase – safety Remaining safe on the water is a must and should be the first thing to consider after buying your first kayak. Here are a few things and tips to consider: Always wear a personal floatation device when you are on the water. Check your local government requirements for the minimum approved type …

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Impatient for Cod Season Fishing

After checking the water clarity, the tackle box was opened and a bright red Cod Lolly was clipped onto the leader. There were so many snags in the section I was exploring that fishing them all would have taken days. Paddling upstream, I dropped a light anchor over to hold position while giving the most promising-looking snags a few quick …

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Freak Sports Torpedo 10 Kayak

fittings, the Torpedo features a three-year warranty. The new-look centre hatch is deep enough to store all the gear you might need to keep at hand and also makes for an icebox to keep your water bottle cool. Two models in the range will consist of a Rookie Angler and Pro Angler. The Rookie Angler includes a basic seat, paddle …

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Waterproof Headlamp Ideal for Kayakers

Three distinct beam profiles are easily accessible and make the Vizz ideal for a range of scenarios. A press, hold, or double press of the button grants you access to a powerful spot beam, a dimmable flood beam in the form of a pair of white ultra-bright LEDs and two red ultra-bright LEDs for close-range lighting, respectively. When the Vizz is …

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Putting Viking Kayaks Through Their Paces

EVER since I had first heard about the new Viking Kayaks models being released, I had been fairly keen to get out on the water to see how they fared. When I eventually had the fish at the surface I realised it was a spotty mackerel and I debated how to get it on board with no gaff or lip …

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Kids and Canoes

Being fibreglass, canoes are quite light and their length means you can lift one end onto the car, then lift the other and slide it up on the roof racks, avoiding a dead lift of the whole thing like you have to do with most kayaks. Up until this point, I had been taking the kids out in a small …

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Freak Assassin GT Kayak Review

IT’S evident by the increasing number of kayaks on the water that more and more people are turning to this form of fishing and recreation. Having this versatility makes the Assassin GT a bit of an all-rounder and good for either those who want to get into kayaking or hardened yakkers. Another plus for Freak Sports is the company has a …

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South Stradbroke Island Kayak Trip

The campgrounds were impeccable, proof that all who visit this place respect its beauty and leave it the way they find it. At this point I should probably point out that you don’t exactly need to rough it over there. I didn’t know this at the time, but the island is well equipped with running water, toilets and a great shower facility. I …

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Weekend away yakking for yellowbelly

This time, however, the section seemed almost stagnant and quite fishless. After working our way through several shallow sections and dragging the yaks over numerous log jams, we popped out into a decent-looking pool. Sadly, this pool only yielded a bass each for James and I. One interesting meeting we had was with a farmer and his wife who we …

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First yak-caught barra

It must have been one nervous fish in among these barra. As I continued up the bank I came to another section of lilies with a cutting through them. I dropped my lure towards the back of the cutting and it was almost instantly monstered by a slightly smaller barra. Fortunately it took off towards the middle of the river …

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