Hervey Bay

Going light to get the bite

IT is mighty chilly, and my fingers would prefer to be tucked under a blanket, not tapping a keyboard. The weather change has started to affect the fish. We are finding big schools of non-committal fish on the sounder and not getting too many bites. Occasionally a fish gets stupid, but we never really see it become a pattern. However, …

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Company fined $40,000 for damage to marine plants

commercial fisher fined $12,000 deter black marketing

A COMPANY was recently fined $40,000 at the Hervey Bay Magistrates’ Court for causing damage to a substantial area of marine plants. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Greg Bowness said Fisheries Queensland takes the destruction of marine plants seriously as they play an important role in sustaining fish habitats. “The company excavated about 8407sq m of soil from …

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Jet ski fishing trip to Fraser Island

je ski fishing marlin fraser island

We headed back to camp for an arvo of beach fishing and chilling in the water watching an epic sunset. A plague of mosquitoes soon got us moving and we ducked into camp to dine on slow-cooked shanks for dinner. Day four started with a big breakfast cooked up by top bloke Stevo. With nice clear skies, no wind and …

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Catching Flathead in the Great Sandy Strait

Find whatever you are comfortable with and have a good go at using the various lure types. Flathead will eat anything as long as you put it in front of them. Their nature is incredibly aggressive and they love to ambush baitfish. They will sink down into the sand and lay in wait for bait to swim over before lashing out and swallowing it. Flathead certainly are predatory fish but also very tactical in the way they hunt. They …

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