Mangroves destroyed: developer fined $10,000 and ordered to fix

Mr Depper said developers needed to understand their obligations and environmental responsibilities in works they undertake. “With 75 percent of Queensland’s fish species dependent on estuaries and fish habitat areas for part of their life cycle, these environments are incredibly important for fishing,” he said. “Disturbances to marine plants, however minor, have a cumulative effect that can lead to a …

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Fitzroy River Barrage off limits to all fishing

LOCAL fishers are reminded that the waters 400m upstream and 400m downstream of the Fitzroy River Barrage are closed to all forms of fishing. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol acting district officer Brenda Stevenson said the reminder was prompted by the discovery of a net within the closed waters area. “QBFP regularly patrols the Fitzroy River area to ensure fishers are …

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Is your mud crab full of meat?

“A crab that has recently moulted will have a very clean, shiny and intact shell. “Sometimes the shell will appear translucent. “Full mud crabs often have algae or barnacles on the shell. “Their shells are also likely to exhibit some general signs of wear and tear, such as worn inner ‘teeth’ on the claws. “You should also look for the darker-coloured maltese cross on …

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How not to get knotted when using worms

WITHOUT doubt the best baits for school jew are either live or preserved beach worms or live bloodworms. While some anglers simply put a bunch of worms on the shank of the hook, I much prefer to present my bait so it passes over the eye of the hook and up my line about 3-4cm. I bait worms this way …

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How to rig squid strips

MOST anglers I have met over the years know that whole squid is a great bait for mulloway, however very few realise that you will catch just as many (sometimes more) fish by stripping large torpedo squid. The beauty of using strips is that you will catch mulloway from 2-42kg using this method, whereas if you rig squid whole and …

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Austackle Berserka

THE Austackle Berserka is a sinking, high-speed trolling/casting lure with a violent action. It can be trolled up to seven knots with ease. Mimicking a frantic and terrified baitfish, the Berserka is suited to all kinds of pelagics and other species such as mackerel, tuna, wahoo, dolphinfish and barramundi. With a resounding rattle, vivid flash and wild action, the Berserka …

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Freshwater fix from a quick flick

This was a good reminder for me to check the Seqwater website when water levels are down in dams. Hopefully I’ll get back into some Borumba fishing soon. Monduran Dam Recently I was lucky enough to head to Monduran Dam with my mate Jackson for a much-anticipated barra fish. This dam is huge and upon arrival we met up with one of …

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Time to hit shallow reefs off Double Island

I will try to do a few trips chasing mackerel, snapper, tasty grass sweetlip, pearl and moses perch and estuary cod. At this time of year there should be plenty of large-mouth nannygai around. These fish love the big trawler squid that I get off my mate Nathan Dum-schat, as well as big green prawns. The bonus is all this …

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March the month for thumper pelagics

Using this method is very simple and can produce some cracker mackerel as well as by-catch including cobia and other pelagics. If finding bait is proving difficult, try trolling a tasty spread of shallow and deep-diving hard-bodies and a bibless minnow for good measure. Troll at up to seven knots in search of bait. Spanner crabbing at this time of …

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Recent rain revitalised Broadwater region

The area between Crab Island and the mouth of the Coomera River is the place to find them. The best spot for tailor south of the Seaway has been the eastern edge of the main channel to Marina Mirage, fishing at the top of the tide or just on dark. Now I must confess the past couple of months for me …

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