Shimano Hagane Fishing Challenge

Setting itself ahead of the competition, Shimano boasts leading experience with metal manufacturing technologies and a long-running association with production of enduring, uncompromising quality products. Hagane is a Shimano reel design concept created to withstand continual use and extreme abuse. It is an innovation of inbuilt toughness and durability, working alongside Shimano’s precision engineering. Shimano reels are recognised for their …

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ABT Grand Final

On the second day we decided to run the same pattern. With the tides getting later and bigger each day, the risk was always whether everything would hold up or be delayed. Both boys started at Collis again, though the first cast hook-up didn’t repeat. It quickly became apparent that the bite was likely to be an hour later with the tide, …

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Wilson Cotton Prawn Net

THE Wilson Cotton Prawn Net has been specifically made to make prawning with a dip net easier. Cotton mesh means the prawns do not slide up the mesh and out while you’re dipping for another prawn because the cotton does not allow the prawns to slide up the netting; in fact it actually traps the prawns in the bottom of …

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National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo

And for those visitors who are brave enough, the truck and buggy will be offering hot laps, so adventurous visitors can go for a spin around the arena if they dare. Showtime FMX will be back in the Action Arena this year, tearing up the track across the weekend and keeping onlookers on the edge of their seat. For those who …

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Fisher Fined for Undersized Snapper Catch

A RECREATIONAL fisher has been ordered to pay $2000 by the Pine Rivers Magistrates Court for being in possession of quantities of undersized fish. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol field officer Imraan Esat said the fisher was apprehended at Dohles Rocks boat ramp on the Pine River. “QBFP officers approached the vessel with the intention of conducting a routine inspection,” Mr …

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Good Results from Jumpinpin Region

The Coomera River has been hot and cold with regards to whiting and we’ve had to try a number of places before getting onto the fish. Even then the bites haven’t been steady throughout the session because there’s often a mad flurry of activity and hooked fish followed by long periods of no action whatsoever. The kids have been pretty good during …

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Tribe Spin Doctor

FOR the TRIBE it’s all about catching, and Tribe Spin Doctor spinnerbaits are up to the task. Constructed from quality components including a silicone skirt and chemically sharpened black nickel hook as well as incorporating a hand-painted finish and realistic 3D eyes, Spin Doctor spinnerbaits offer excellent value for money so the whole TRIBE can get hooked up. The compact …

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Land-Based Fishing Around Brisbane

I don’t mind fishing this location with the kids because often they’ll be preoccupied with building sand castles anyway. It’s also great because I don’t have to worry about dingoes or four-wheel-drives on the beach. When land-based fishing you sometimes really have to put in the hard yards and try several areas, but it’s a great way to while away the …

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Berkley Fishin’ Gear – Walk N Wade

BERKLEY Fishin’ Gear is the only place for your fishing gear, with a range of storage solutions to suit every angler. Be it a few packs of Gulp or everything to handle a day on the water, Fishin’ Gear has what you need. Featuring heavy-duty fabrics for style and durability, comfortable handles and corrosion-resistant zips and fittings, the Walk N …

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