Fat Albert Let Loose

Quirkily named in jest after long time Fishing Classic and Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group volunteer Albert Shelley Co-Event Manager George Fortune spoke on the naming of the Barra. “Fat Albert joins a long list of Tagged Barra names which have included Roberta in recognition of our local MP Robbie Katter (that year the Barra was a female), Georgina after …

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Large Wilson Tackle Bag (Product News)

Two side storage pockets are designed to take bigger items such as large leader spools, gloves, beanies and other accessories, while the durable base feet help to keep the bag off the ground. The top flap has elastic webbing to hold items such as rain jackets and other light but bulky items to help ensure your day on the water …

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PENN Clash Spinning Reel (Product News)

A Techno-Balanced RR30 carbon rotor on the smaller reels, aluminium on the bigger sizes, with the heavy-duty aluminium bail is built for a long life. The new Leveline slow-oscillation system is rugged and produces tight, near-perfect line lay for improved casting and reduced occurrences of ‘wind knots’. A sealed HT-100 drag system is protected from corrosion and smoothly manages the fight …

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How to Troll – The Art of Trolling

I always try to set my lures about 20m behind the boat and my trolling speed is a slow idle. It is difficult to put an accurate speed to this technique but I always imagine that my boat is moving at a good walking pace. Another vital link in the chain is to remember that when you commence trolling, you …

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New 4” Gulp Nemesis Colours (Product News)

Combine the fish-catching profile of a jerk shad and the enticing tail action of a grub and you get the Berkley Nemesis. Designed in Australia, the Nemesis shape is now available in a 4” size. The tail action of this shape has to be seen to be believed. On the drop or retrieve, the Nemesis tail swims at the slowest …

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Barra not the only Catch worth Weighing In

A maximum of 18 fish per individual entrant are permitted to be weighed in throughout the competition and no more than 3 fish of any one species. With only ‘Legal’ sized fish also eligible to be weighed in competitors are encouraged to refer to their nomination forms for minimum sizes or the Rules section of the Fishing Classic website. Encouraging …

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New Sounder Guide (Product News)

The book contains detailed information on how to set up an echo sounder and how to adjust the settings, including frequency selection, bottom lock, bottom zoom, bottom follower, white line function and time variable gain. Illustrations and underwater acoustic images are provided throughout the book to assist the reader in learning and applying the information from this book to real …

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Megabass Or Poi (Product News)

When stationary, the lure hangs almost vertically, ensuring speedsters that attack the back end of a bait such as mackerel will still find a contact point, with strong trebles hanging from the rear and halfway points of the lure. This almost vertical stationary position also ensures fish targeting prey just under the surface will readily find the lure. The hanging angle …

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Whiting aplenty in Noosa River!

A little closer to home Sunshine Reef has also seen a good mix of reefies including snapper, sweetlip and coral trout. Good quality whiting have again been taken from the Gympie terrace stretch of the river, off Munna Point near the caravan park, the Frying Pan and the Dog Beach. Live worms and yabbies have been the bait of choice. …

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Savwinch Review – Solves Anchoring Issues

  I received my boat about four weeks prior to writing this article, and even though my Savwinch was installed and ready to go, I hadn’t used it until a very recent trip. I was sitting in 65m of rather sloppy water. The wind had increased to almost 20 knots and the swell was about 1m, which made it difficult to fish …

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