Persistence Pays Off in Bundaberg Estuaries

As the tide slowly began to drop, these somewhat safe shallows started draining, forcing the smaller fish and bait into dangerous territory, and we attempted to imitate the nervous bait using soft plastic and hard-bodied lures. A hot fishing session earlier in the year resulted from casting around this draining ledge, so I was itching for another hot barramundi bite this …

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Megabass X-Drift (Product News)

It is engineered to drift down, respond to a lift and fall again in high-current areas. Its design means it can cut through the water and stay down where the fish are without being carried away to unproductive areas. The X-Drift is balanced to sink head down, reducing the chances of getting snagged, and it comes rigged with a single …

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Second Annual Coral Reef Fin Fish Closed Season

CORAL reef fin fish will be off limits from this Monday, November 9 in the second of two annual closures that protect these fish during spawning season. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Bob Russell said the closure would start immediately after midnight at the beginning of November 9 and end immediately before midnight at the end of November 13. “The coral reef …

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Mud Crabs Around After Rain

This week has seen some heavy rain in some areas however mostly sunny days with what are typical summer storms arriving in the evenings. Some good spots to try will be around Paradise Point, South Arm of the Coomera River near Sanctuary Cove, Wave Break Island, Local Bridges that are light up at night and Canals are worth a go.  …

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NosiLife Angler Repels the Elements

Available as a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, the NosiLife Angler Shirt is a must-have for avid fishers, hikers and explorers of all ages. Whether you’re walking along a riverbank in Thailand, fishing on a beach in far north Queensland or hiking through dense Peruvian jungle, this shirt will help keep the sun off your skin and biting insects at bay. …

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Tips for Targeting Whiting on Lures

The puffs of sand, mud or shell grit created by the bib of the lure hitting the bottom are what I believe create most of the strikes because the whiting instinctively smash the lure out of hunger or territorial aggression. Perhaps the whiting interpret the lure and puffs of sediment as being a prawn, yabby or some other type of bait …

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Pflueger Illusion Rods (Product News)

The Illusion series is suitable for both lure and bait fishing and comes in one and two-piece configurations. Models include lightweight spin in 6’6” and 6’10” 1-3kg and 7’ 2-4kg; medium spin in 7’ 3-6kg and 5’6” 4-7kg; heavy spin in 7’ 6-10kg; and a lightweight 6’4” 2-4kg baitcast rod. RRP is $99.95. For more information, visit

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Sunshine Coast Offshore Fishing Heats Up

In the rivers  The Noosa River has seen great numbers of bigeye trevally, GTs, cale cale trevally, bream, flathead and whiting. Big predatory fish are hanging around the bait schools coming in and out on the tides at the mouth. The best time to fish this particular spot is during the tide changes. Soft plastic lures cast out on light graphite outfits are …

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Mangrove jack, flathead and whiting around Coomera

You may even be lucky enough to entice a Mangrove Jack to have a crack at your lure.   Don’t forget live bait is a  great option as that’s what the fish are feeding on,  so adding a cast net to your  fishing kit is a great idea.  Christmas is not far away, so perhaps that is an idea for Santa. …

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