Samaki Spider Prawn Boom Bait (Product News)

The Samaki Spider Prawn has been designed in two sizes of 40mm and 60mm with a colour selection of Watermelon Orange, Pumpkin Seed Orange, Avocado Pearl, Motor Oil, Bloodworm and Pearl Brown. As with the entire Boom Baits range, they are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and sport Samaki’s unique rigging system allowing you to rig your plastic with ease. With a …

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Ecooda Genius Baitcast Reel (Product News)

Exotic materials make up the ultra-strong construction of the Genius, including carbon-fibre drag washers, a carbon-fibre handle, rubber cork knobs and an aircraft aluminium machined worm drive and drive gear. A custom oil port also enables easy maintenance. What all this adds up to however is a reel that is simply Genius. Available in right and left-handed models with nine …

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Zerek Zappelin 220 (Product News)

THE Zerek Zappelin 220 is a brilliant 220mm, 130g floating stickbait that is built to be punished. Make no mistake, this is a lure built for the brutal battles found around reefs and bommies when targeting tropical thugs such as GTs, tuna, mackerel and just about any reef fish that swims. Available in 10 baitfish and attractor colours, the Zappelin …

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Z-Man 10” HeroZ (Product News)

Unlike other slug-style plastics, the Z-Man HeroZ is 10X Tough to stand up to brutal strikes and hard-fought battles, making it a go-to when chasing toothies or fishing through schools of toothy species to access fish holding deeper. Whether you’re chasing kingfish, tuna, mackerel, cobia, trevally and other pelagic species or fishing deep for snapper, dhufish, coral trout and other …

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Pointers from Pilgrimage to Hinchinbrook

MY family and I recently made our annual trip to Hinchinbrook Island in north Queensland. The best barra of the trip (caught by yours truly) was landed off the bank at night. Good thing there weren’t any snapping handbags around because to land it I had to stand in the water. Yes I know the dangers of crocodiles but we didn’t have …

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The Tide Guide is Back

ID section contains the legal bag and size limits of popular species to enable you to quickly and easily identify fish while on the water. Pricing has not changed at the great low price of $6.60. The Tide Guide is available now at newsagents, independent tackle shops and all the usual places. Grab your copy now!

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Trials and Tribulations from the Flathead Classic

However we needed to find more fish. We checked a few different areas but the water clarity was fairly ordinary. And being the Gold Coast on a Saturday, the boat traffic was thick too. Eventually we found an area where the traffic wasn’t too bad and the water clarity was reasonable. We started trolling with small hard-bodies and it wasn’t long before …

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Fishery Status Reports Released

qld fisheries reform stocks

THE status of wild fish stocks that underpin Commonwealth fisheries has remained generally steady according to a new report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. ABARES executive director Karen Schneider said the fishery status reports 2015 showed that of the 92 fish stocks reviewed across the 21 Commonwealth fisheries, 63 stocks (or 68 percent) were …

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Crab Pot Surveillance and $25,000 in Fines

NINE vessels and 22 people were caught breaking the law as part of a joint crab pot surveillance operation undertaken between Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol and Redland Bay Water Police targeting crab pot thefts in the Logan River. QBFP field officer Chris Watts said the operation was conducted following complaints by both commercial and recreational crab fishers involving crab pot …

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