Samaki Chromed Barra Shirt

THE Samaki Chromed Barra shirt reflects what we see and dream of in a barramundi. Beautiful lines, enhanced features and stunning chrome colour; the signature of a big barramundi. Set among the dense and dark mangroves, the Chromed Barra lurches out from the structure to engulf a Samaki Vibelicious Thumper Tail. This is the start of the fight to win …

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Lions Greenback Tailor Competition 2016

AFTER a year out of action, the Lions Charity Greenback Tailor Fishing Competition, on June 11 and 12, is back for its 30th year with a revised format. The Lions Greenback event was originally kicked off by a group of amateur fishermen and women at the old Cabarita Beach Hotel in the mid-1980s. Pat and June O’Keefe are the Lions …

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Man Fined $1178 for Selling 2 Crabs on Facebook

Thinking of making some quick cash by selling your fish or crabs on Facebook? Think again. You must have a licence to sell fish in Queensland. The taking of fish for sale other than by licensed fishers is prohibited. A Toowoomba man advertised two mud crabs his mate caught for sale on Facebook and later sold them. It cost him …

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Bream, Flathead, Mackerel, Whiting & Barra Around Bundaberg

School mackerel and massive Spanish mackerel have been holding on any structure and are biting well on floating pilchards and gar. Live baits have been very effective, also getting smashed as the pelagic species move through. A few schools of tuna have been mixed through the mackerel. The tuna are also fantastic fun to catch, either by casting small metal …

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1600 Barramundi Stocked into Victoria

A BOLD plan to establish a viable barramundi fishery in Victoria recently saw the first batch of 1600 barramundi stocked into Victoria in the Hazelwood Pondage near Morwell, southeast of Melbourne. This is a big step towards delivering another commitment in the State Government’s Target One Million plan, which aims to get more people fishing, more often. The stocking follows successful …

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Darling Downs Golden Perch

There was something about that particular lure and its colour that really stirred up the fish. Straight after tying it on, I hooked three yellowbelly one after another. Simon also managed a couple of decent Murray cod at 60cm and 70cm. This just goes to show that no two river systems fish the same. It soon became apparent that regardless of what …

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Illegal Nets Found in Wine Barrels (Fined $2500)

A HERVEY Bay fisher has been fined $2500 for unlawfully possessing a significant number of regulated commercial fishing nets. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol field officer Neil Conway said during the execution of a search warrant on the fisher’s house, seven regulated nets were found hidden in wine barrels. “This is a particularly high number of illegal nets with the …

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