Topwater Tactics for Estuary Species

A wobbling wrist means a wobbling rod tip and your stickbait will start working with a short and sharp left to right movement commonly referred to as ‘walking the dog’. In fact, some small surface lures are branded as ‘dog walkers’. When whiting are pursuing my surface lures I find it important to maintain my composure and keep the action rolling …

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Illegal Foreign Fishers Charged

On March 26, 2016, two Vietnamese vessels were sighted by Queensland Police within 23 miles of the Australian mainland, near Lockhart River, Queensland. The Australian Border Force and Australian Fisheries Management Authority then apprehended the vessels and discovered fishing gear and about 8.7 tonnes of bêche-de-mer. The two masters and one crew member of the Vietnamese fishing vessels were convicted …

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Barramundi Fishery in Victoria

Three size classes of barramundi were released consisting of 1000 fingerlings at 5cm, 500 fish at 10cm and 100 at 30cm. Fifteen of the larger fish carry acoustic tags to track their movements so more can be learnt about how the fish behave and their preferred habitats. Several listening stations have been positioned throughout the pondage and will monitor tagged fish movements …

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Dry Conditions at Glenlyon Dam

It was like a mini lure show with a wide range of different types on display. Many thanks to all those lure makers who donated their wares. A very happy Belinda Finch was the lucky winner of the beautiful lures and you had to make an appointment to talk to her after the win. A special thanks needs to go to those …

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2016 Wilson Moreton Bay & Offshore Family Fishing Challenge

We are also introducing a family entry package for the excellent price of $200, which provides entry for Mum, Dad and two kids. Our major sponsors Wilson Fishing, Stones Corner Marine, Events in Tents and Toll NQX are again backing the Challenge. Although a shorter event, the fish prizes will remain the same, as will the Pick of the Board …

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Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent

The 2oz squeeze bottle gives you plenty of fish-attracting power for your dollar and makes applying the scent quick, easy and mess free, as well as ensuring there is no leakage when stored. There are nine Super Gel flavours available in the range: Garlic Plus, Nightcrawler, Mullet, Bloody Tuna, Shrimp, Crawfish, Blue Crab, Inshore Salt Water and Squid. So next …

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What Fish to Target In April: What’s on the Chew

Jacks also respond to a wide variety of lures and techniques. Casting surface poppers tight and parallel to structure works well, as does casting soft plastics and hard-bodied minnows tight to structure. Trolling hard-bodied minnows along the rock walls and broken reef areas of the rivers also entices plenty of jacks and allows you to cover a lot of quality ground. When …

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Newcastle Fishing Options in the New Year

It’s really hard for us to say which spot is the best at any given time, so give the spots we mention a try and let us know how you go on our 2 Mates Fishin Facebook page. Send in your pics because we are in the Christmas spirit and feel like sending off some gifts from Lox Fishing. For landing a …

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Z-Man Slim SwimZ New Colours

THE deadly little Z-Man 2.5” Slim SwimZ paddle tail, with its bite-sized baitfish profile and under-hooked tail for loads of action even at slow speeds, is now available in six new colours. Angler requests have led to the addition of favourites Pumpkin, Baby Bass, Electric Chicken, Bad Shad, Mood Ring and newly released Calico Candy, which has proven deadly on …

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How to Catch Mulloway

This allows the fish to stay alive longer and gives you a better chance of hooking a jewfish. Most baitfish are found either around rock walls or in deeper water with structure such as shipwrecks or weedy bottoms. Do I need to spend big money on gear? Yes and no. Invest in a decent rod and reel, because with these you get …

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