Pointers for Prawns, Whiting and Brisbane River Threadfin

 Working baitfish schools and ledges (where shallows drop off into deep water) is the norm, however on this occasion only fish and no baitfish showed on the sounder. Using the electric motor to hold position while casting is an ideal and easy way to fish. An area can be worked with lures before moving upriver or perhaps drifting back to cover …

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Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel

PRECISION engineering, sleek design and cutting-edge performance only begin to describe the new Revo spinning line-up from Abu Garcia. Advancements such as the Rocket Line Management System and AMGearing system on the newly designed Revo spinning reel combined with the lightweight and compact design of the family embody Abu Garcia’s commitment to excellence as well as functionality and style. Abu …

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Noosa’s Offshore Scene is Really Firing

Trolling hardbodies like the Samaki Pacemakers and trolling squid skirts has seen success. North Reef has been firing with a good mix of reef species as well pelagics that have all been feeding hard. In the Noosa River, bream and whiting have been on the chew in big numbers around the River Mouth, Dog Beach and Frying Pan areas.  Live …

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Fishers Asked to be on Lookout for Dugongs

RECREATIONAL and commercial fishers operating in the Burdekin area have been urged to take extra care to avoid dugongs. A local commercial fisher has notified the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority after sighting up to a dozen dugongs, along with adult-sized green turtles, foraging on seagrasses off the mouth of Groper Creek, near Ayr. Operations support manager Mark Read said it …

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Going Fishing this Easter? Check the Rules Before You Go

THOUSANDS of people will take to the water over the Easter long weekend, prompting a reminder to all fishers to check the rules and fish responsibly. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol manager Ian Fricke said hefty fines apply for  those who don’t follow the rules and regulations for fishing in Queensland. “Different rules apply to fishing in tidal waters, fresh waters, marine …

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Sight Casting for Barramundi

When wearing these sunnies, distant objects will also become clearer and sharper and you will be able to see barramundi below the surface. For shallow and surface-casting action around snags and weed beds, try Halco Roosta poppers, 1m-diving Halco Laser Pro 120 Multi Treble hard-bodies, Z-Man FrogZ rigged weedless and stickbaits. Zerek Ripper Divers and 2.5m-diving Halco Laser Pro 120s …

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Testing New Lures on Bass and Golden Perch

SCHOOL holidays had put the brakes on my fishing over December and January, and when February rolled around, I was fairly keen to spend time on the water and try to catch a few fish. I was able to put some days together mid-week, but huge tides and the continuing strong southeasterly wind limited my options. The idea of freshwater fishing …

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Northern Conquest Charter Trip

A big whale shark cruised towards the San Miguel, inquisitive as to what we were doing in its backyard. Slowly and without a care or worry in the world, this massive beast cruised on by, accompanied by a few remora and cobia. What a sight! On what was turning into an amazing day weather wise, we decided to deploy a spread of …

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Gearing Up for Queensland Barra

 Although you might get a couple on shallow snags and drains, larger fish will more commonly be found in deep sections. I classify water of 5m and over as deep, and most of these locations will have a large amount of current around them. It can be hard to fish these places during the peak run of the tides and most …

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Trolling around Cape Moreton

trolling for dolphinfish cape moreton

With the fish now in range, I placed the gaff under the fish, lifted it into the Esky and quickly closed the lid. Dolphinfish have a habit of going absolutely crazy when you lift them into the boat, and there is a real likelihood that a flying hook could penetrate a leg or arm, so placing the fish into the confined …

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