Z-Man Slim SwimZ New Colours

THE deadly little Z-Man 2.5” Slim SwimZ paddle tail, with its bite-sized baitfish profile and under-hooked tail for loads of action even at slow speeds, is now available in six new colours. Angler requests have led to the addition of favourites Pumpkin, Baby Bass, Electric Chicken, Bad Shad, Mood Ring and newly released Calico Candy, which has proven deadly on …

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How to Catch Mulloway

This allows the fish to stay alive longer and gives you a better chance of hooking a jewfish. Most baitfish are found either around rock walls or in deeper water with structure such as shipwrecks or weedy bottoms. Do I need to spend big money on gear? Yes and no. Invest in a decent rod and reel, because with these you get …

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Mayhem Catching Pelagics on Surface

Once again the smaller queenfish took little to no interest in my perfectly placed lure, but as I blooped it beyond the frenzy it was engulfed by a queenfish well over a metre in length. I thought to myself, ‘of course, I manage to hook two of the most brutal fish possible on the smallest, weakest popper while trying to catch …

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Hot Hints for Some Autumn Fishing Action

Bassman Spinnerbaits is a family owned and run business, with Glen and Sue putting in many hours a week to keep up with the demand for this great product. Bassman also offers custom-made spinnerbaits and I have seen many fishers order their own colours. I have even called Sue requesting colours I want to try. When I fished the Flathead Classic …

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Adelaide Nets Premier International Fisheries Conference in 2020

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, and South Australian Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Leon Bignell, congratulated the Australian-New Zealand bid team and all involved for this achievement. “Australia is internationally renowned when it comes to its seafood and sustainability. These credentials are backed by world class fisheries science that underpins our management systems,” Minister …

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Samaki Mangrove Jack Shirts

The shirt depicts a mangrove jack lurking in the depths of dark and mysterious mangroves and passing over schools of mullet to inhale the famous Samaki Vibelicious Thumper Tail. The Mangrove Jack Shirt has some dark features but the contrast of the mangrove jack easily offsets it. Samaki long-sleeve polo fishing shirts offer superior UV50+ protection, keeping you protected from …

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10 Tips for Fishing the Tweed River and Terranora Creek

7. Some big old big bream and jacks hang around the man-made structure here. You’ll need to use every trick in the book to catch one though. 8. Kennedy Drive boat ramp jetty – if you can’t catch a fish here there is something wrong. Best fished on the run-out, you’ll get bream after bream as you float a bait over the …

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Atomic Hardz Vib 60

THE all-new Atomic Vib has been carefully balanced to produce a straight and true action capable of handling multiple retrieve speeds. So finely is it balanced that Atomic has achieved the unthinkable: it displays a tight wobble at high speed and a slow, seductive meander at slower speeds, making it perfect for freshwater anglers who will love the slow action …

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Top 5 Things to do at Lake Somerset

WITH so much to do at Lake Somerset and surrounds, sometimes the hardest thing can be deciding what to do. Here are five top activities to undertake while visiting the picturesque lake, which is about an hour’s drive northwest of Brisbane. 1. Fishing You can’t mention Lake Somerset and not think of fishing. The dam has a reputation for holding some …

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