Living and Fishing on the West Coast

I LEFT my home in Queensland more than three years ago to work in Western Australia, hoping to see more of our country and to fish new places. I weighed up the pros and cons of continuing north or turning around and doing the touristy thing in Perth before flying back to the mine in a week’s time. After a call …

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Bracing for Summer Species Onslaught

HELLO and welcome to this month’s edition of BNB. While the odd gutter is visible on South Ballina and Angels beaches, the numbers of fish they are producing has been fairly low. Some of the better action has come from Boulders and Seven Mile beaches, with quality dart and bream taking pipis and beach worms during the run-up tide. At this time …

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Fisher Pinched $3900 for Illegal Crabbing

A SUNSHINE Coast crabber has been fined $3900 for five charges including possessing female and undersized mud crab catches, using unmarked crab apparatus and obstructing officers. Queensland Boating and Fishing Patrol district officer Russell Overton said the crabber was approached walking along Kawana Way carrying a bucket. “As the officers approached, the crabber threw the bucket into nearby mangroves,” Mr Overton …

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Beach Fishing in SEQ

It gives you the most beautiful views of the beach to the north and south as well as regular offshore displays from whales and often sharks, dolphins, turtles and pelagics close to the rocks. Please take care though and stay back from the edge because there is no fence. We also did a couple of trips to Eli Creek, which is …

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Shimano Ocea EX8 Line (Product News)

With less than 1 percent elongation under load, Ocea EX8 PE line ensures that whatever happens at the lure end is translated to the angler in an instant. The braid is available in spools of 300-400m and line weights of PE 1 to PE 8. Visit for more information.

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Zerek Fish Trap (Product News)

A through wire connecting all tow points is moulded into the lead weight, giving extra security in this vulnerable area. There is no doubt this lure is tough. Working with a strong vibration, the Fish Trap can be cast and retrieved in any depth or trolled for a unique presentation that shallow rock bar and weed bed fish just love. …

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Putting Viking Kayaks Through Their Paces

EVER since I had first heard about the new Viking Kayaks models being released, I had been fairly keen to get out on the water to see how they fared. When I eventually had the fish at the surface I realised it was a spotty mackerel and I debated how to get it on board with no gaff or lip …

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Boat Destroyed: Crushing Blow for Illegal Crabbers

The Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol today destroyed a modified fishing boat used by three recreational fishers who were found guilty of illegal crabbing earlier this year. The boat, worth around $6000, had a secret compartment with 69 live mud crabs hidden in it by the illegal crabbers, was forfeited to the State along with its motor, trailer and crab …

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Mako’s New Grey Lens sunglasses (Product News)

This low colour distortion makes them extremely comfortable over long periods. The traditional downside of a grey lens is it’s the darkest tint and therefore cuts more light out, sometimes making objects in shadows and low light more difficult to see. By carefully manipulating the light coming through the lens, that is, the amount of light able to pass or …

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Quick Trip to the Kimberley

The weather had already warmed and the days were into the mid to high thirties, and the barra, while not leaping onto the banks, were definitely getting their appetites back to the extent that they were enthusiastically taking dead mullet baits. Some of Sam’s family from Tassie caught their first-ever barramundi, which of course is one of life’s real thrills. The …

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