Shimano Ultegra reel


THE Shimano Ultegra family of reels has long been a cornerstone of the Shimano product range globally. In 2017, the Australian market will see the awaited introduction of the Ultegra FB series, designed and built with inspired performance in mind. At the core of the Ultegra FB series sits the Hagane Gear, a cold-forged piece of metal that is crafted …

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Samaki Stainless Steel Pliers

stainless steel pliers

SAMAKI brings you an in-depth range of stainless steel pliers. The range includes fine and medium split-ring pliers of 150mm and 180mm in length, long-nose pliers of 150mm and 215mm, a bent-nose reef plier of 290mm to allow for an easy roll of the wrist for hook removal and the very popular 280mm multi-purpose plier with gang hook opener. The …

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Larger sized Mustad filleting knives

Mustad filleting knives

Two new quality larger sized Mustad filleting knives have been released for anglers who have a need for a larger filleting knife. The two Mustad filleting knives (MT41 and MT42) are Teflon-coated to ensure durability and reliability and the edge is super sharp to allow performance straight out of the packet. Coming with a belt scabbard, both knives will be …

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Southeast Queensland prawns and jacks

I run a Lowrance HDS-12 on my tinnie and if I can’t see prawns on the down scan, I won’t throw my net. It shows prawns up so well that you can pick and choose the schools that are more dense. Yes, it may sound like cheating, but prawning cuts into my fishing time, so I like to maximise my casts. I’m …

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Fitzroy River barra exceeding expectations

Fitzroy River barra

Fitzroy River barra are getting better and better and for the first time in over 15 years the catch rate for legal sized barramundi in the Fitzroy River has exceeded 1 legal barra per fisher per day. At the end of the first month of the 2017 season the daily catch rate is 1.4 legal fish per fisher. This is 135% …

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Atomic Arrowz rod range

Atomic Arrowz

Atomic Arrowz rods are equal parts precision, poise and power with the most advanced designs and the finest materials including Fuji components and performance-focused full-graphite blanks. Designed in Australia for Australian species and anglers, the Atomic Arrowz series is made for both bait and lure angling. Featuring four series: Estuary, Offshore, Barra and Bream Specialty, Arrowz is the rod range of tomorrow created for the …

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Seqwater warns fishing off-limits in restricted areas

seqwater restricted areas

ANGLERS are putting their safety on the line by fishing in restricted areas within Seqwater’s dam catchments. Seqwater senior field ranger Craig Hine, who works at Somerset Dam, said fishers were regularly ignoring restricted access signs and fences in pursuit of a good catch. Mr Hine said there were good reasons why some areas were restricted to public access and …

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New Fish Inc Wing stickbait

Wing stickbait

THE Fish Inc Lures Wing stickbait is a 120mm, 50g sinking stickbait that resembles a pilchard in both size and profile, making it dynamite on everything from tailor and salmon to kingfish, tuna, dolphinfish, mackerel and aggressive reef-dwelling species. The colour range and finishes are first-class, from natural baitfish colours such as Sardine Red Belly, Natural and Bonito to more …

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