How to Go Fishing With Kids (& Still Have Fun)

For those with a boat at their disposal, Corio Bay and Coorooman and Pumpkin creeks can make for fantastic fishing and bait gathering spots where kids and adults can catch a good feed of estuary fish. One thing to remember when boating with kids is that if they are under 12 and the boat is under 4.8m long, they need …

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Fishing Conditions Looking Good for Monduran Dam

The photo I saw showed a burly young guy looking like he had just run a marathon, with the hefty fish draped across his body. You could see the angler had put his heart and soul into his visit to Lake Monduran and he was justly rewarded. This fish was only a fingerling shy of the world record. The Monduran …

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Copeton Dam Cod

You can jog as many times as you like until you have found that sweet spot. It’s perfect for sitting on top of a patch of fish or trying to line up the boat with pockets in the weed. Our MotorGuide electric trolling motors and all accessories are supplied through Whitsunday Outboard Centre, Cannonvale. For all your MotorGuide needs, get …

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Stalking Tiger Squid in Moreton Bay

If the candles are tucked downwards and along the underside of the body while moving towards the jig, this usually means they are just following the jig to investigate further and you may need to change the retrieve or change jigs to get a take. If they approach the jig with their candles in front of their eyes, expect the …

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Targeting Mangrove Jack from a Kayak

I knew exactly what I had hooked and had deliberately set my drag tight so there was no way this fish was dragging me into its home. This jack was doing everything it possibly could to snap me off, however the rudder system attached to my new kayak allowed me to easily manoeuvre my kayak and the fish out of …

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Landing the Elusive Reef Jack

I landed a couple and had several wipe-outs when I hooked what I initially thought was just another small kingfish. But then I looked over the side and saw something orange coming up. Perplexed, I gave the handle a few more turns and saw a mangrove jack of 4-5kg nearing the surface. In that split second when I recognised what the fish …

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Good Numbers of Tailor in Noosa River

There have been some great tailor coming into the Noosa River and one of the best ways to target them is on  surface lures, early morning and late afternoon has been the prime time. Don’t forget to upsize that leader material as tailor are notorious for bite offs. Lightly weighted pillies have also been effective baits. Golden, diamond, big eye …

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