Boost for Recreational Fishing in Dams and Weirs

RECREATIONAL fishers will have the chance to cast a line in an additional 31 dams and weirs from July 1. The Queensland Government is almost doubling the number of stocked impoundments where anglers will be allowed to fish under the popular Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme. Minister for Agricultural and Fisheries Leanne Donaldson said the expansion of the program will give fishers …

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Guide to Catching Flathead in Yeppoon

Flathead will sit here with their heads up in the current waiting for baitfish and prawns to come off the flats and banks. It’s not uncommon to see flathead in less than 15cm of water waiting for the last of the bait to nervously swim into the feeder drains. When the current slows and the creeks have fallen into one …

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Cape York Fishing Options

So in many areas drains, gutters, small creeks, small waterfalls and cascades should all continue to fish well into July, barring any cold snaps. These sorts of features can be hugely exciting and productive to work with soft plastics, hard-bodied lures and of course the ever-popular live baits of fish and prawns. Never discount fishing at night too, using a …

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How to Catch Tiger Squid in the Shallows

Also, and I say this every time I write about squid, make sure you put your squid on ice straight away. The number of people I see squid fishing and not icing their squid straight away surprises me as squid are near enough to being the most dangerous food source if not iced properly and looked after. They are great eating when …

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Catching Sand and Mud Crabs on the Gold Coast

Around the mouth of the Nerang, the underwater rock wall that runs from The Southport School boat shed to the mouth of the canal on the other side of the river is a consistent spot for a feed of bream. With three bridges now running across the river near the Sundale boat ramp, this is another good spot in which to …

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In Search of Redcliffe Snapper

I usually fish fairly light, with 20lb main line and about a rod length of 40lb leader. I like a fast-action 5-10kg rod of about 7’, and I am in love with my Samurai Elevate. This rod is light but has plenty of grunt when needed. The light tip makes detecting even the slightest bite a breeze, and it casts like a dream due to the Fuji K series guides. As for reel selection, …

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Limited-Edition Lox Ambassador Series Rods

TWO years ago a unique research and development project was commissioned; the fruit of that project is the Lox Ambassador series of rods. What made this project unique was the design brief. The series would be limited to 100 units; only world’s best components and materials would be used; the return on the project was irrelevant as it simply had to …

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Recreational Fisher Convicted and Fined $6000 With Boat Forfeited

“The court recorded a conviction, fined the fisher $6000 plus court costs and ordered the forfeiture of the man’s boat, net and fish,” he said. “Under Queensland law, a recreational fisher cannot possess a regulated commercial fishing net without an authority. “The regulations limit a recreational fisher to possessing or using a seine net that is no longer than 16m …

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