Experiencing the Bunker Group reefs

bunker group reefs crayfish

It is important to remember when entering the water that you are entering the fish’s world. You are the unexpected guest, not them. A lot of people fear what can be found in our Queensland waters and it is only normal in the beginning, especially being a fisher and knowing that about 20 percent of fish caught in the shallows …

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Majorcraft Jigpara and Zoc hooks

majorcraft jigpara and zoc

MAJORCRAFT introduces an extensive new range of lead and tungsten jigging lures — 185 versions of Japan’s number-one saltwater lures. This is the motherlode for an angler’s whole season. The range includes: Vertical Short and Vertical Long Jigparas: designed with a centre balance and asymmetric body, these jigs have a classic broad slide action, perfect for mechanical jigging for high-speed …

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Shimano Curado K baitcaster reel

Shimano curado k

THE next generation of Shimano Curado baitcast reels set the benchmark in everyday performance and saltwater durability with the new K series. A long-time favourite amongst Australian anglers, the Curado K series represents the next chapter in the iconic Curado legacy, featuring the latest in Shimano’s innovative MicroModule gearing and X-Ship for smooth rotation, combined with the new SVS Infinity …

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Great Northern beer adding Aussie flavour to the Gold Coast Flathead Classic

great northern flathead classic

AT the top of the Australian beer mantel sits the iconic Great Northern Brewing Co. Established in Cairns in 1927 to brew beer suited to the climate, ‘the beer from up here’ quickly grew in popularity not just for its taste but for its true-blue Australian heritage. The partnership between the Great Northern Brewing Co and the Gold Coast Flathead …

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ATC Combat baitcaster reel

atc combat baitcast reel

THE ATC Combat is designed to take on hard-fighting predators. Featuring a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame and side plate, the Combat has a multi-disc drag system that can handle drag pressure up to 8kg. A lightweight aluminium spool and magnetic braking system ensure consistency in distance and performance with every cast. The 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing system further …

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Fisheries offences net $9500 fine

TWO commercial fishers were found guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates’ Court for netting offences in the Port of Gladstone Rodds Bay Dugong Protection Area and were collectively fined close to $10,000. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol investigator for Central Queensland Deryk Smith said in April 2016, QBFP officers intercepted the fishers as they were pulling up their commercial fishing boat …

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Be a mate and check your bait before you go fishing

BIOSECURITY Queensland is launching a campaign today that asks all fishers to check their bait before they go out fishing, to make sure it is Australian wild-caught bait from a quality bait supplier, or to catch their own. The campaign asks fishers to do their bit to help protect our natural waterways and our fishing and aquaculture industries, which are …

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Atomic Hardz Vib 70

atomic hardz vib 70

SUPER-tuned and super-sized, the new 70mm Atomic Vib now sees the Atomic Hardz Vib range as the complete series, with three sizes (50mm, 60mm and 70mm) making up this impressive range. Designed and tuned to swim straight and true all the time, every time, the new 70mm model is a lure that can handle a host of retrieve speeds and …

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Research to investigate stakeholder concerns with carp control plan

national carp control plan

A SUBSTANTIAL investment has been made under Australia’s National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) to explore the viability of using the carp virus, Cyprinid herpesvirus 3, to control the pest species, carp, in Australia’s waterways, and ultimately improve water quality and ecosystem health. A comprehensive research program is central to this approach under the Australian Government’s $15 million National Carp Control …

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