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The Tide Guide is Back

ID section contains the legal bag and size limits of popular species to enable you to quickly and easily identify fish while on the water. Pricing has not changed at the great low price of $6.60. The Tide Guide is available now at newsagents, independent tackle shops and all the usual places. Grab your copy now!

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Crab Pot Surveillance and $25,000 in Fines

NINE vessels and 22 people were caught breaking the law as part of a joint crab pot surveillance operation undertaken between Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol and Redland Bay Water Police targeting crab pot thefts in the Logan River. QBFP field officer Chris Watts said the operation was conducted following complaints by both commercial and recreational crab fishers involving crab pot …

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Great Outcome for Local Anglers v Geelong Star

geelong star

ASSISTANT Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Senator Anne Ruston and Federal Member for Paterson Bob Baldwin have welcomed the news that the Geelong Star has voluntarily agreed to not fish in waters from Barrenjoey Headland, near Sydney, to Fraser Island, off Queensland until the end of April 2016. Minister Ruston said she was pleased an outcome had been achieved in …

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Fisher Pinched $3900 for Illegal Crabbing

A SUNSHINE Coast crabber has been fined $3900 for five charges including possessing female and undersized mud crab catches, using unmarked crab apparatus and obstructing officers. Queensland Boating and Fishing Patrol district officer Russell Overton said the crabber was approached walking along Kawana Way carrying a bucket. “As the officers approached, the crabber threw the bucket into nearby mangroves,” Mr Overton …

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Boat Destroyed: Crushing Blow for Illegal Crabbers

The Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol today destroyed a modified fishing boat used by three recreational fishers who were found guilty of illegal crabbing earlier this year. The boat, worth around $6000, had a secret compartment with 69 live mud crabs hidden in it by the illegal crabbers, was forfeited to the State along with its motor, trailer and crab …

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Brush Up on Spearfishing Rules in the Noosa River

“A number of offenders have been issued with infringement notices in the past because they were not familiar with the local restrictions.” Spearfishing is prohibited in order to maintain safety and avoid potentially conflicting uses of the area, including boats entering while spearfishers are in the water. Possessing or using spears or spearguns is prohibited in Lake Weyba, the Noosa …

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Fishers Fined $14,380 for Illegal Catch

“If anyone suspects illegal fishing, please report it to the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116 so the matter can be investigated.” For more information on Queensland fishing rules, visit, call 13 25 23 or download the free Qld Fishing app from Apple and Google app stores. You can follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@FisheriesQld). Photos: Department …

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Second Annual Coral Reef Fin Fish Closed Season

CORAL reef fin fish will be off limits from this Monday, November 9 in the second of two annual closures that protect these fish during spawning season. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Bob Russell said the closure would start immediately after midnight at the beginning of November 9 and end immediately before midnight at the end of November 13. “The coral reef …

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Crab Bust – Fisher Fined $6000

“In Queensland, it is illegal to take female mud crabs; and male mud crabs have a minimum size limit of 15cm across the carapace, with a possession limit of 10,” he said. “The fine issued is significant and demonstrates the seriousness of the offences, which pose a threat to the local mud crab breeding population.” Mr McDonald said the Logan River …

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Barra Closed Season: Queensland East Coast

THE annual barra closed season along Queensland’s east coast will be effective from midday on November 1, 2015 through to midday on February 1, 2016. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district officer Robert Ibell said officers will be stepping up surveillance during the three-month closure to protect this valued fish species during the summer wet season. “The barramundi closed season applies …

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