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Illegal Foreign Fishers Plead Guilty

THIRTY Vietnamese foreign fishers from two separate vessels pleaded guilty and were convicted for breaking Australian fisheries and environmental laws in Darwin Magistrates’ Court after being caught illegally fishing in waters off north Queensland. The Australian Fisheries Management Authority conducted an investigation into the actions of the foreign fishers that resulted in the successful convictions of all crew from the vessels. Penalties included …

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Redlands: Fisher fined for obstructing officer

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QUEENSLAND Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers enforce fisheries laws to ensure the sustainability of Queensland’s fisheries resources. Officers undertake patrols across the state and have powers to board and search recreational and commercial fishing vessels to ensure compliance with state fisheries laws. Last week, a Redlands man was ordered by the Cleveland Magistrates’ Court to pay $1800 for obstruction of …

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Recreational Fisher Convicted and Fined $6000 With Boat Forfeited

“The court recorded a conviction, fined the fisher $6000 plus court costs and ordered the forfeiture of the man’s boat, net and fish,” he said. “Under Queensland law, a recreational fisher cannot possess a regulated commercial fishing net without an authority. “The regulations limit a recreational fisher to possessing or using a seine net that is no longer than 16m …

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Net-Free Zone Could Be Implemented in Moreton Bay

THE Queensland Government has started conversations with key stakeholder groups on how a net-free zone could be implemented in Moreton Bay. Fisheries Minister Leanne Donaldson said exploring the best way to implement a commercial net-free zone in Moreton Bay was an election commitment. “Six months after creating net-free zones off Cairns, Mackay and the Capricorn Coast we are talking to …

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Illegal Net Threatens Two Endangered Mary River Species

A 50m-long fishing net set illegally in the Mary River at Tiaro posed a serious threat to the river’s endangered fish and turtle species. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Greg Bowness said the net was set across a freshwater section of the Mary River. “The net had the potential to impact on the critical habitat of the river’s …

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Commercial Fishers on Shore for Mullet Season

GOLD Coast residents can expect to see commercial fishing boats close to and on the shoreline until the end of August as part of the annual mullet season. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Brett Depper said commercial fishing for mullet is permitted in tidal waters within 400m of land. “Commercial fishing along ocean beaches for mullet occurs from April …

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Dory Operator Cops $6000 Fine

A MACKAY dory operator has received a $6000 fine after being caught fishing for coral trout in a green zone in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The Mackay Magistrates’ Court convicted the dory operator last week after he was detected fishing offshore of Mackay in the Swain Reefs area by aerial surveillance. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s …

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Fishers Fined $5000 for Undersized Catch

A BRISBANE recreational fisher with a history of fisheries offences has been convicted and fined $3000 after undersized fish were found in a large catch on the Gold Coast. A second Brisbane man who was also charged in relation to the matter was fined $2000 in the Southport Magistrates’ Court. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district manager Rob McDonald said …

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Man Fined $1178 for Selling 2 Crabs on Facebook

Thinking of making some quick cash by selling your fish or crabs on Facebook? Think again. You must have a licence to sell fish in Queensland. The taking of fish for sale other than by licensed fishers is prohibited. A Toowoomba man advertised two mud crabs his mate caught for sale on Facebook and later sold them. It cost him …

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Illegal Nets Found in Wine Barrels (Fined $2500)

A HERVEY Bay fisher has been fined $2500 for unlawfully possessing a significant number of regulated commercial fishing nets. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol field officer Neil Conway said during the execution of a search warrant on the fisher’s house, seven regulated nets were found hidden in wine barrels. “This is a particularly high number of illegal nets with the …

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