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Trials and Tribulations from the Flathead Classic

However we needed to find more fish. We checked a few different areas but the water clarity was fairly ordinary. And being the Gold Coast on a Saturday, the boat traffic was thick too. Eventually we found an area where the traffic wasn’t too bad and the water clarity was reasonable. We started trolling with small hard-bodies and it wasn’t long before …

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Stop the Glare With BluBlocker Sunglasses

The dangers of UV and blue light exist on cloudy as well as sunny days and in winter as well as summer. BluBlocker sunglasses reduce the sun’s glare in the summer but on cloudy days brighten and enhance the view. In short, they are all-season, all-weather sunglasses that balance and control the light intensity no matter when you wear them. BluBlocker …

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Shimano Ocea EX8 Line (Product News)

With less than 1 percent elongation under load, Ocea EX8 PE line ensures that whatever happens at the lure end is translated to the angler in an instant. The braid is available in spools of 300-400m and line weights of PE 1 to PE 8. Visit for more information.

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Zerek Fish Trap (Product News)

A through wire connecting all tow points is moulded into the lead weight, giving extra security in this vulnerable area. There is no doubt this lure is tough. Working with a strong vibration, the Fish Trap can be cast and retrieved in any depth or trolled for a unique presentation that shallow rock bar and weed bed fish just love. …

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Mako’s New Grey Lens sunglasses (Product News)

This low colour distortion makes them extremely comfortable over long periods. The traditional downside of a grey lens is it’s the darkest tint and therefore cuts more light out, sometimes making objects in shadows and low light more difficult to see. By carefully manipulating the light coming through the lens, that is, the amount of light able to pass or …

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Austackle Verto Spinning Reel

Line capacity of 0.17mm/300m is ample if chasing something that’s likely to run fast. Verto reels are perfectly matched with the Austackle Matrix Paracurve micro jigging rods and Camo-Stik Travel Series. RRP is $129 and you can visit for stockists and more information.

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Z-Man Motor Oil – Now in Larger Models (Product News)

have led to the release of big fish favourites in this go-to colour, including 5” and 9” GrubZ; 5” and 7” Scented Jerk ShadZ; and 4” SwimmerZ. Pre-release testing of the new models has exceeded expectations, with flathead, mulloway, snapper, barra, mangrove jack, trevally and myriad reef species falling victim to the good oil. If you’re yet to try a …

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Zerek Skittish Dog

A simple pulsating rod tip is all that’s needed for that enticing zig-zag action that drives predatory fish mad. The Skittish Dog features 10 colours from naturals to outlandish in the 115mm size and five wickedly natural colours in the 85mm range, giving anglers plenty of options. A tough ABS body is coupled with durable rings and chemically sharpened trebles …

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Alvey Alloy Series 6500C8 (Product News)

Alvey is renowned for producing robust Aussie-made fishing reels with muscle and brawn, however the new C8 series offers an elegance that creatively wraps the most sophisticated yet practical fishing reel Alvey have ever made. For ultimate strength, the ‘sporty’ precision-engineered 6500C8 is machined from a one-piece cold-forged marine-grade aluminium block. A saltwater-resistant anodised coating further enhances the reel’s ability …

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Megabass X-Drift (Product News)

It is engineered to drift down, respond to a lift and fall again in high-current areas. Its design means it can cut through the water and stay down where the fish are without being carried away to unproductive areas. The X-Drift is balanced to sink head down, reducing the chances of getting snagged, and it comes rigged with a single …

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