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Be Better Equipped with PENN Tools

PENN knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle. If your boat is outfitted with all five pairs of new PENN Tools pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation. There is a spring-loaded PENN plier designed for a wide range of applications. A titanium black nickel coating wrapped over 304 and 420 stainless steel gives these tools the …

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Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel

PRECISION engineering, sleek design and cutting-edge performance only begin to describe the new Revo spinning line-up from Abu Garcia. Advancements such as the Rocket Line Management System and AMGearing system on the newly designed Revo spinning reel combined with the lightweight and compact design of the family embody Abu Garcia’s commitment to excellence as well as functionality and style. Abu …

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Ecooda Hornet Stickbait

THERE’S a new stickbait in town: the Ecooda Hornet! The Hornet 180S Stickbait has been built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to create two unique swimming actions within the one bait. If ‘walking the dog’ is your preferred method, no problem, the Hornet 180S has a sensational constant action in both smooth and rough conditions, making alluring …

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Imakatsu Alive Chatter

The Imakatsu Alive Chatter now comes in 70mm slow sink, 70mm fast sink and 90mm and 120mm Monstro versions that cater for a variety of natives. For any further inquiries, please contact the Fish-Tec sales team on You can also follow Fish-Tec Solutions on Facebook and Instagram.

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Atomic Hardz New Colours

Three spectacular new colours have been added to the Atomic Hardz range. These colours have been tested extensively by pro anglers around the country for different species in many situations. Black Beauty Black Beauty has been designed specifically for Atomic Vibs. This darker colour is going to be perfect for natural specialists who chase those elusive native freshwater fish that can …

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Flash Point Tailspinners from TT Lures

FLASH Point tailspinners from Australian brand TT Lures feature a realistic baitfish profile and 3D eyes, hand-painted finishes, a chemically sharpened, black nickel hook and a 24K gold-plated or nickel-plated blade designed to create flash and vibration to call fish to the lure and trigger strikes. They have been tested and proven on bass, golden perch and cod while also …

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Wilson Cotton Prawn Net

THE Wilson Cotton Prawn Net has been specifically made to make prawning with a dip net easier. Cotton mesh means the prawns do not slide up the mesh and out while you’re dipping for another prawn because the cotton does not allow the prawns to slide up the netting; in fact it actually traps the prawns in the bottom of …

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Good Results from Jumpinpin Region

The Coomera River has been hot and cold with regards to whiting and we’ve had to try a number of places before getting onto the fish. Even then the bites haven’t been steady throughout the session because there’s often a mad flurry of activity and hooked fish followed by long periods of no action whatsoever. The kids have been pretty good during …

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Tribe Spin Doctor

FOR the TRIBE it’s all about catching, and Tribe Spin Doctor spinnerbaits are up to the task. Constructed from quality components including a silicone skirt and chemically sharpened black nickel hook as well as incorporating a hand-painted finish and realistic 3D eyes, Spin Doctor spinnerbaits offer excellent value for money so the whole TRIBE can get hooked up. The compact …

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Berkley Fishin’ Gear – Walk N Wade

BERKLEY Fishin’ Gear is the only place for your fishing gear, with a range of storage solutions to suit every angler. Be it a few packs of Gulp or everything to handle a day on the water, Fishin’ Gear has what you need. Featuring heavy-duty fabrics for style and durability, comfortable handles and corrosion-resistant zips and fittings, the Walk N …

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