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ATC Combat baitcaster reel

atc combat baitcast reel

THE ATC Combat is designed to take on hard-fighting predators. Featuring a corrosion-resistant aluminium frame and side plate, the Combat has a multi-disc drag system that can handle drag pressure up to 8kg. A lightweight aluminium spool and magnetic braking system ensure consistency in distance and performance with every cast. The 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing system further …

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Atomic Hardz Vib 70

atomic hardz vib 70

SUPER-tuned and super-sized, the new 70mm Atomic Vib now sees the Atomic Hardz Vib range as the complete series, with three sizes (50mm, 60mm and 70mm) making up this impressive range. Designed and tuned to swim straight and true all the time, every time, the new 70mm model is a lure that can handle a host of retrieve speeds and …

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Z-Man Trick ShotZ

zman trick shotz

A NEW release that created plenty of interest at the Australian Fishing Trade Association trade show was the unique profile and action of Z-Man’s 3.5” and 4.2” Trick ShotZ. A realistic baitfish profile with a heavily ribbed underside for creating water movement and holding scent, the Trick ShotZ feature a unique, heavily textured, spade-shaped tail that creates glides, flicks and …

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Zerek Stalker surface lure

zerek stalker surface lure

THE Zerek Stalker was created to make a unique sound while being retrieved, appealing to large surface-feeding predators. The Stalker has a snake-like swimming action that rocks the internal rattles and knocks the lure’s sections together, creating the unique sound this lure emits. A jointed, three-piece wakebait with through-wire construction and large boot tail, the Stalker is built to handle …

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Atomic Arrowz on target for price and quality

Atomic Arrowz

THE term ‘value for money’ gets thrown around a lot these days, no matter what it is you’re buying. Where a product comes from, what it is made from and how it is built affects a product’s value – but finding out these basics can often be difficult and sometimes impossible. When talking fishing, like many things, plenty of emotion …

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Zerek Live Mullet

THE Zerek Live Mullet is a soft plastic jointed swimbait available in three sizes. Built from super-strong TPE thermoplastic, the Live Mullet uses the same concept as the widely acclaimed Live Shrimp to emulate natural prey movements and trigger strikes. To achieve this goal, the designers used a segmented body held together with a Kevlar webbing, giving strength and unparalleled …

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New Bigfish Gear BFMaxflow REPEL Boar

BigFish gear Repel

BIGFISH Gear REPEL clothing is so effective at repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects that the Bigfish team figures its gear is not just limited to angling pursuits. The team thought, why not create a range that is perfectly suited to hunting, camping and bushwalking? Enter BFG Outdoors and a unique Boar shirt, totally generated using Australian bush flora and …

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Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow squid jigs

Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow squid jigs

NEW from EJ Todd are the Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow Shallow and Deep squid jigs. The popular Yamashita LIVE Search 490 Glow series is now available in Deep and Shallow models in size 3.5. The Deep jigs sink at 1.8-2.2 seconds per metre, which allows you to target squid in deeper water much more efficiently. They are also ideal …

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