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Atomic Hardz Vib 60

THE all-new Atomic Vib has been carefully balanced to produce a straight and true action capable of handling multiple retrieve speeds. So finely is it balanced that Atomic has achieved the unthinkable: it displays a tight wobble at high speed and a slow, seductive meander at slower speeds, making it perfect for freshwater anglers who will love the slow action …

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Zerek Marsh Slider Measuring Tape

MOST measuring tapes are large and cumbersome, but the Zerek Marsh Slider Measuring Tape is not. It’s a pocket-sized measuring tape that will go anywhere and fit anywhere, giving all anglers the chance to measure their fish in any situation. Constructed using durable PVC and with large numbers for easy reading, the tape measures fish up to 120cm long and …

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Megabass Popping Duck

DESIGNED to stop the curse of low hook-up rates, the Megabass Popping Duck is equipped with rotating swivels for both front and rear hooks. Another unique factor is its action, creating a solid popping sound with minimal moving distance, allowing the angler to stay in the strike zone and target specific fish. This exciting new popper is available in six …

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Next-Generation Revo Spin Reel

With almost a century of fishing expertise in it, Revo technology includes innovative design, precision engineering, AMG gearing, superior drag performance, advanced materials and a first-class line-management system. Visit the Australian Revo microsite at to learn more about the award-winning Revo design. Revo’s next-generation technology is explained in detail with exploded 360-degree diagrams.

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Westin Platypus 100mm DR

THE Westin Platypus DR is the latest recruit to the Westin stables. It is 100mm long, weighs 16g and crash dives to 4m on a constant retrieve, but on a twitch and pause retrieve the Platypus DR will float in the zone longer to trigger those aggressive strikes. The Platypus DR has a built-in long-cast system that allows anglers to …

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TT DemonZ Jig Heads

Featuring the Australian Fishing Trade Association award-winning HeadlockZ grub keeper, TT Lures DemonZ jig heads are premium-quality hand-painted jig heads with realistic 3D eyes built on Gamakatsu black nickel chemically sharpened heavy wire hooks. The colour range has been customised by the Tackle Tactics Pro Team to match popular soft plastic colours and common baitfish species that inhabit our fresh …

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Putting the Sting into Your Vibes

Step four Position the two hooks together and feed the loop through the split ring or tow point and then feed the hooks and beads back through the loop formed. Before tightening, adjust the rig so the hooks are offset, with the dressed hook above the plain hook and the plain hook partially hiding in the skirting of the dressed …

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Be Better Equipped with PENN Tools

PENN knows anglers need more than typical fishing tackle. If your boat is outfitted with all five pairs of new PENN Tools pliers, there will never be a need for MacGyver-style improvisation. There is a spring-loaded PENN plier designed for a wide range of applications. A titanium black nickel coating wrapped over 304 and 420 stainless steel gives these tools the …

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Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Reel

PRECISION engineering, sleek design and cutting-edge performance only begin to describe the new Revo spinning line-up from Abu Garcia. Advancements such as the Rocket Line Management System and AMGearing system on the newly designed Revo spinning reel combined with the lightweight and compact design of the family embody Abu Garcia’s commitment to excellence as well as functionality and style. Abu …

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Ecooda Hornet Stickbait

THERE’S a new stickbait in town: the Ecooda Hornet! The Hornet 180S Stickbait has been built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to create two unique swimming actions within the one bait. If ‘walking the dog’ is your preferred method, no problem, the Hornet 180S has a sensational constant action in both smooth and rough conditions, making alluring …

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