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Wilson Fish Storage Bag

CARRYING your catch from the boat to the cleaning table has always been a drama. So too has been the ability to keep fish intended for food cold on a boat without a kill tank or live well. These problems no longer exist with the release of the Wilson Fish Storage Bags. Two bags in the range comprise a medium 144cm long …

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RODGOD Fishing Station

BUILT By Blokes has designed the perfect fishing station for everyone from Dad and the kids to serious anglers. Whether estuary or surf fishing, RODGOD is made strong to last and enables you to safely carry all your gear with one hand. Its superior anchorage will allow you to fish with confidence and RODGOD can be anchored in or out of …

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Positive Results Testing Noeby Fishing Tackle

Noeby hard-bodies are robust and straight out of the packet can catch the fish they are designed to without expensive upgrades. The soft plastic range is endless and their quality is so user friendly, with no hassles to combine them in a tackle box or leave them attached to the line for long periods. They are UV stable, so won’t fade, …

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Limited-Edition Lox Ambassador Series Rods

TWO years ago a unique research and development project was commissioned; the fruit of that project is the Lox Ambassador series of rods. What made this project unique was the design brief. The series would be limited to 100 units; only world’s best components and materials would be used; the return on the project was irrelevant as it simply had to …

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Techniice Bait Box

THE Techniice Bait Box is the perfect companion for those fishing trips to the local jetty. Coming in two sizes, 18 and 28 litre, and able to be bought as a package including three attached rod holders and a powerful aerator, land-based fishing with live bait has never been easier. A strong and adjustable shoulder strap and polypropylene carry handle …

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Micro Jigging Tips and Techniques

This works extremely well when the fish are competing for food. By chopping and changing these techniques to see what is working on the day you can tune in to the bite and almost anticipate when the fish are going to eat the lure. It is important to have good-quality electronics on your boat to ensure you are jigging where you …

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Wilson Tackle Back Pack

THE Wilson Tackle Back Pack contains two large tackle trays that can have up to 24 compartments per tray measuring 35.5cm x 22cm x 5cm. The back pack itself is loaded with features to make this back pack a great accessory for anglers walking the banks while fishing. Apart from the tackle tray, the pack has padded shoulder straps for comfort …

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Samaki Torpedo V2 Spinner

THE all-new Samaki Torpedo V2 Spinner has serious attitude. Now ranging from 10g to 85g, these spinners hit the bullseye with each cast. Throw them into a school of baitfish and you’ll be attacked by every predator, or alternatively re-rig them with an assist hook and drop them to the depths to attract aggressive bottom dwellers. The elongated bullet design …

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Techniques for How to Catch Fingermark in Queensland

Some days the fingermark will just slam the herring with hardly a nibble beforehand and on other days they will pick at the bait like a little bream until you hook them and they just about pull your arms off. With the squid baits I run a two-hook snood rig with 6/0 octopus hooks. I place the top hook in the …

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