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Nomad Design Riptide Floating Stickbait

THE Riptide is a unique Nomad Design creation extensively tested throughout 2014 and the early stages of 2015. It is a floating stickbait with the perfect balance required to achieve that dynamic, strike-enticing ‘S’-shaped swimming motion. A long sweep of the rod tip makes the head duck under with a splash, then as the water flows over the lure’s body it …

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Pointers on how to catch Pine River flathead

If you are after a cheaper alternative that has the same quality as the Zerek, check out the range from Softplasticsdude. At only $5 I don’t mind as much when I lose these lures to snags and fish. Fish similar areas when trolling lures. A sounder is extremely helpful because you want to locate the drop-offs. I like to troll along the steep …

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Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Review

Whether it’s a power pack, solar panel, solar generator, lantern or even speakers, Goal Zero has a product to get you powered up, regardless of how remote your location may be. Back to the aptly named Torch 250 (combined LED light output of 250 lumens) – weighing a scant 408g, you won’t be weighed down as you trek across Australia’s …

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Muggo’s Timber Lures at the Lure Expo

BORN and bred on the Dumaresq River at Texas, Queensland, Paul Muggleton from Muggo’s Lures has always had a strong passion for fishing. He enjoyed having a go at making his own lures when he was kid, with some success. It wasn’t until his 20s that Paul decided to have another crack at making his own timber lures. This time, perseverance …

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C & S Horsey’s Lures at the Lure Expo

C & S Horsey’s Lures sells a variety of lures suitable for and successful at catching numerous fish including Australian bass, jungle perch, bream, whiting, flathead, cod, barramundi, yellowbelly and many more. With a wide range of colour options and the ability to customise colours, why not give a true, tried and tested Horsey’s lure a swim. Please feel free …

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Daiwa Black Label Airport

DAIWA’S cutting-edge design and unmatched-value Black Labels are undeniably impressive and undeniably Daiwa. Light, powerful and designed for ultimate strength, precision and performance, these are the baitcaster and spin series rods that will you have you dressed to impress, ready for action and now ready for travel as Daiwa introduces the new Black Label Airport series. Perfection begins from the …

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The Australian Lure Fly & Outdoors Expo 2016

What’s new It seems the Expo is attracting a new wave of lure makers eager to show off their wares to the ever-growing crowds who flock to see the best lures in Australia. Check out some of the newbies in 2016. Muggo’s Lures A first timer at the expo, Muggo’s Lures are made on the Darling Downs and have a …

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Halco Max 190

HALCO Tackle Company is proud to present the newest offering in the range, the big brother to the Max 130, the all-new Halco Max 190. This award-winning bibless minnow has been reworked by Halco and is now available in 190mm size. The Max 190 has an incredibly wide effective operating envelope, working well from a fast cast and retrieve speed all …

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Wilson Fish Storage Bag

CARRYING your catch from the boat to the cleaning table has always been a drama. So too has been the ability to keep fish intended for food cold on a boat without a kill tank or live well. These problems no longer exist with the release of the Wilson Fish Storage Bags. Two bags in the range comprise a medium 144cm long …

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