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Larger sized Mustad filleting knives

Mustad filleting knives

Two new quality larger sized Mustad filleting knives have been released for anglers who have a need for a larger filleting knife. The two Mustad filleting knives (MT41 and MT42) are Teflon-coated to ensure durability and reliability and the edge is super sharp to allow performance straight out of the packet. Coming with a belt scabbard, both knives will be …

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Atomic Arrowz rod range

Atomic Arrowz

Atomic Arrowz rods are equal parts precision, poise and power with the most advanced designs and the finest materials including Fuji components and performance-focused full-graphite blanks. Designed in Australia for Australian species and anglers, the Atomic Arrowz series is made for both bait and lure angling. Featuring four series: Estuary, Offshore, Barra and Bream Specialty, Arrowz is the rod range of tomorrow created for the …

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New Fish Inc Wing stickbait

Wing stickbait

THE Fish Inc Lures Wing stickbait is a 120mm, 50g sinking stickbait that resembles a pilchard in both size and profile, making it dynamite on everything from tailor and salmon to kingfish, tuna, dolphinfish, mackerel and aggressive reef-dwelling species. The colour range and finishes are first-class, from natural baitfish colours such as Sardine Red Belly, Natural and Bonito to more …

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Samaki Mighty Mulloway shirt

samaki mighty mulloway fishing shirt

ON a new Samaki shirt design, the mighty mulloway chases down a Samaki Vibelicious Thumper Tail amongst the pylons, with a mullet, bream and squid lurking in the shadows so as not to draw attention to themselves. The water laps around the pylons with so much detail you’ll feel as though you’re sitting atop the jetty yourself. The lightweight fabric …

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Z-Man 3.5” Rigged EZ ShrimpZ

z-man rigged ez shrimpz

Z-MAN has introduced a great grab-and-go pre-rigged option for anglers with the new Z-Man 3.5” Rigged EZ ShrimpZ. Everything eats a prawn and this realistic prawn profile comes pre-rigged with a unique jig head that locks inside the plastic, ready to fish straight out of the packet. The unique jig head is built on a quality Mustad UltraPoint hook and …

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Mustad Micro Stainless Steel Camo Multi Plier

mustad multi plier

THE Mustad Micro Stainless Steel Camo Multi Plier is a do-it-all tool that will be a handy addition to any tackle kit. Featuring stainless steel construction for exceptional durability, the multi plier features a split ring plier nose backed up by a crimping tool. Further into the jaws is a cutting edge that is able to cut thin-diameter braid as …

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SureCatch Energy Braid

surecatch energy braid

SURECATCH Energy Braid offers superior strength and sensitivity in a highly visible colour for ease of use. A low diameter to breaking strain ratio allows anglers to fish lighter for more bites, yet retain the strength needed to muscle out big fish from nasty habitat. The thinness also allows for exceptional casting abilities and less drag through the water, making …

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ATC Valiant CF carbon fibre reel

ATC valiant cf reel

AT last a super-lightweight threadline reel with all the features ATC technology provides has landed in Australia. The ATC Valiant CF is a full carbon fibre reel that immediately impresses with its ultra-light weight and host of features. Three models are in the range, each coming with its own neoprene travel bag. The 800, which weighs an incredibly light 165g, …

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Platypus Platinum now in 65lb and 80lb

platypus platinum mono

PLATYPUS Platinum monofilament is the result of many years of research and development. Platypus Platinum gives you a line that has the advantages of low diameter with the value for money that only local manufacturers can provide. Through years of consultation with Australian anglers, Platypus has created a thin-diameter monofilament without compromising qualities such as abrasion resistance and knot strength. Thinner diameter …

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Samaki Zing Xtreme Swimbait rods

samaki zing xtreme swimbait

WITH the increase in swimbait fishing techniques spreading across Australia, Samaki has designed two specific actions to suit the Australian market. The 7’9” Samaki Zing model is designed for medium to large swimbaits up to 5oz while the 8’ model suits the bigger timber swimbait lures up to 8oz. Both have a long, double-handed butt design that is detachable at …

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