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Z-Man 5″ StreakZ Curly TailZ

streakz curly tailz 5"

THE popularity and effectiveness of the Z-Man 4” StreakZ Curly TailZ in both the fresh and salt has led to the development of a larger 5” StreakZ Curly TailZ profile. This profile features a minnow-shaped body with a belly slot for easy weedless rigging or adding a squirt of Pro-Cure Super Gel scent. Its long, lively curl tail is sure …

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New Quantum Smoke Inshore rods

 QUANTUM has followed the success of its Smoke Inshore spin and baitcast reels with a range of impressive multi-modulus graphite rods designed specifically for Australia’s most popular sportfishing techniques. The Quantum Smoke Inshore rod range reflects the Quantum hallmarks of technology, quality and fishing performance and offers rods ideal for bream, flathead, whiting, snapper, barramundi and many other estuary, inshore …

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New Fin-Nor Biscayne rods

FIN-NOR Biscayne spin and overhead reels have long been known for offering durability and value and now Biscayne fans have a range of tough saltwater rods to match with their favourite reels. Biscayne rods are built on powerful, thick-walled blanks with a genuine integrated clear solid tip for excellent durability and fish-fighting power. Each Biscayne rod is fitted with heavy-duty …

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Zerek Hy-Braid

Available in 150m and 300m spools, Zerek Hy-Braid is a truly unique braided offering unlike anything else on the market. For more information, visit

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Wilson Lure Wrap

SEEING a need to protect the blanks and guides of rods from lure damage in transit, Wilson Fishing has developed the Wilson Lure Wrap. The Lure Wrap encloses the lure and the rod, stopping the lure from banging around while you are under way. The damage that can be caused to a rod blank, the bindings and guides can be …

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Hydro Float Fishing 3-in-1 fishing float

Simply add rattle balls to increase attraction, glow sticks for extra luminosity or weights to increase casting distance. Popper As a popper, HYDROX3’s tough polycarbonate body can be rigged with heavy mono or wire. Simply attach hooks and weight to achieve the ideal cast and popping action. Teaser As a teaser, the HYDROX3 can be rigged in a number of …

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New Samaki fishing shirt – Digital Snapper

DIGITAL Snapper’s fast, sleek, chromed-up, metallic appearance means business on the new Samaki fishing shirt. Chasing down the Samaki Boom Bait Rattle Snake, the snapper is aggressive and determined, never taking its eye off the prize. With a white carbon fibre chest detail blended into the deeper darker carbon as it weaves and wraps around the body, the Digital Snapper …

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Quantum Smoke HD Baitcast reels

THE HD in the Quantum Smoke HD Baitcast reel stands for ‘heavy duty’, aiming this reel squarely at anglers targeting barramundi, Murray cod, mangrove jack, fingermark, threadfin salmon, bass and other tough predators likely to smack a well-placed lure. The HD build starts with the famous Smoke baitcaster platform, known for its lightweight yet strong SCR aluminium frame and side …

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Fin-Nor Toughness In New Mega Lite Body

MEGA Lite is Fin-Nor’s latest series of affordable saltwater spinning reels, offering workhorse durability and Fin-Nor’s legendary drag performance at an affordable price. Mega Lite reels are ideal for saltwater anglers looking for a tough spin reel true to Fin-Nor’s reputation for best-in-class drag performance in a comfortable lightweight frame. Mega Lite reels feature the trusted and famous Fin-Nor designs …

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