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B.A.S.S. Australia Nation Glenbawn Teams Challenge

This turned out to be a great move because Mitchell taught Brad the technique that saw him catch the largest limit of the tournament and take home $1500 worth of cash and prizes. Brad vertically fished a Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub on a Berkley Nitro Dam Deep jig head for the entire tournament. He used a 13 Fishing Muse Gold 7’2”, light, …

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Deep Dropping in Depth

To me it looked like a gravel patch on mud or sand, but in 270m of water I could not make out anything except some life right on the bottom. When you discover life over nondescript flat ground in this depth, fish it. Chances are it will not have seen much action from other fishos due to the lack of serious …

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Chasing Dolphinfish Around Cape Moreton

With this in mind, we decided to also use a couple of Rapala X-Rap 20+ lures in Red Head colour because the latest Grubbsta skirts are a lot lighter so you can troll them at a much lower speed, which gives you the opportunity to use a combination of hard-bodies and skirts. We were lucky we decided to troll the …

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Bring on Red Emperor (The Holy Red Fish)

When reds are on, they are really on, but they can be easily spooked. We have noticed that all it can take is a couple of bust-offs for them to go completely off the bite. This is why I strongly recommend people put in the hard yards and find as many red locations as possible so you can hit all …

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Bream and Bass on Surface

bass on surface

MY name is Mitch Townsend and I am based on Brisbane’s northside. I’ve been fishing since I was a young boy and have most recently been fishing the upper reaches of the North and South Pine rivers, targeting bream and bass on surface with great success. I grew up fishing the North Pine River from Dad’s old tinnie, and I remember …

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Topwater Tactics for Estuary Species

A wobbling wrist means a wobbling rod tip and your stickbait will start working with a short and sharp left to right movement commonly referred to as ‘walking the dog’. In fact, some small surface lures are branded as ‘dog walkers’. When whiting are pursuing my surface lures I find it important to maintain my composure and keep the action rolling …

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Dry Conditions at Glenlyon Dam

It was like a mini lure show with a wide range of different types on display. Many thanks to all those lure makers who donated their wares. A very happy Belinda Finch was the lucky winner of the beautiful lures and you had to make an appointment to talk to her after the win. A special thanks needs to go to those …

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What Fish to Target In April: What’s on the Chew

Jacks also respond to a wide variety of lures and techniques. Casting surface poppers tight and parallel to structure works well, as does casting soft plastics and hard-bodied minnows tight to structure. Trolling hard-bodied minnows along the rock walls and broken reef areas of the rivers also entices plenty of jacks and allows you to cover a lot of quality ground. When …

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Newcastle Fishing Options in the New Year

It’s really hard for us to say which spot is the best at any given time, so give the spots we mention a try and let us know how you go on our 2 Mates Fishin Facebook page. Send in your pics because we are in the Christmas spirit and feel like sending off some gifts from Lox Fishing. For landing a …

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How to Catch Mulloway

I don’t know why, but I have thrown all different types of hard-bodies and those without rattles seem to work more often. What bait and where to get it? You can’t beat yellowtail yakka and beach worm baits for jewfish. Other baits you can use include mullet, tailor and herring. The big jewfish in the photos were caught on live yakkas and …

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