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Pearl perch offshore from Brisbane

Bay pearlies

I use a very similar technique with plastics but I like to make the soft plastic fall as slowly as possible by keeping in contact with it and lowering it using the rod tip.  I’m not sure why but it has worked plenty of times for me, especially with nice high lifts similar to those when using jigs. Lure choice …

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Fishing creeks and rivers around Hinchinbrook Island

hinchinbrook creeks

I’ve also been exploring the upper Herbert River as a location from which to run a future charter where we will spend two days casting lures for sooty grunter, barramundi, mangrove jack and jungle perch. The plan is to put the boats in upriver, drift fish down to a little cabin on the banks of the river and pull up, …

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Sunshine Coast snapper

Sunshine Coast snapper

This jig has a wide flutter action that reef fish find irresistable, and when selecting the perfect weight, I find a gram per metre to be the general rule of thumb. Both Davo’s shops stock a great range of micro jigs, so call in and see the teams for all your micro jigging needs. The last of the mackerel have …

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Fish to target when Moreton Bay clears up

So what can we expect after these floods? Well I feel it could be late April or the start of May before it really cleans up, so with a bit of luck the water will be clear for the start of our flathead, bream and winter snapper seasons. We might even see the start of the winter whiting season. The …

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Secrets to taking kids fishing

taking kids fishing

A way to catch quality fish while keeping the kids entertained is to anchor near good structure and put out a live bait, which will look after itself, and while it’s swimming around you can spend time helping the kids catch smaller fish to keep them happy. I have landed jew, jacks, big flathead and numerous offshore species on livies …

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Big jewfish offshore from Brunswick Heads

big jewfish brunswick heads

He assumed the spearfisher knew it was a big shark, and this is where things got a bit funny because the spearfisher thought he was fighting a marlin, but they never communicated this to each other. Anyway, you can imagine the result. Amid a barrage of profanities with the word shark thrown in a few times, the spearfisher came out …

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Monster Murray cod on Bassman 4×4 spinnerbait

bassman 4x4 spinnerbait

We had travelled only a short distance when the first strike hit the lure like a stray bullet, the rod tip cracking hard on the side of the boat as it loaded up solidly. In less than 2m of water, we would no doubt have driven over this fish dozens of times during the season and not had a clue …

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Lake Lenthall barra fishing thrills

lake lenthall barra

I worked my way back to camp just after dark using a topwater approach but failed to entice any further interest. The others didn’t have any luck in the afternoon session but we were all keen to chase them early the next morning. Everyone was up and on the water pre-dawn the next morning. We were keen to make the …

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Tips for Moreton Bay longtail tuna

moreton bay longtail tuna

I have seen so many different versions – some involving tying spider web-like setups around your fingers to hold the braid steady. I’ve found instead of placing the braid in your mouth to hold it, simply tie a hook onto the braid and hook it to your shirt pocket. The most important part of tying this knot is keeping steady …

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Southeast Queensland prawns and jacks

I run a Lowrance HDS-12 on my tinnie and if I can’t see prawns on the down scan, I won’t throw my net. It shows prawns up so well that you can pick and choose the schools that are more dense. Yes, it may sound like cheating, but prawning cuts into my fishing time, so I like to maximise my casts. I’m …

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